Minor Executive of the Executive Branch
Andrew Hester
Andrew Hester Portrait
Current Position
Entered Office January 24th, 2016
Predecessor Allison Braugh
Other Positions Head of the Treasury, Freshman Executive
Party Union
General Position Overview
Purpose To serve as an assistant and backup to the Major Executive.
Formed January 11th, 2011
First Minor Executive Arnold Ogamon

The Minor Executive is a political position within the Triumvirate provided by article three of the Constitution. They essentially fulfill the role of a "Vice-Major Executive", acting as the acting Major Executive when the elected Major Executive is away. The Constitution and the Supreme Court in such cases as Court Ruling of Major Executive Powers of October 2011 have determined that the Minor Executive acts, for the responsibilities they cover as the Minor Executive (not as their actual position responsibilities), under the Major Executive's discretion.


The Minor Executive is elected after the Major Executive via a similar mechanism through a run-off system. An Executive does not have to give up their standard Executive office if they are elected Minor Executive, it is simply another title they take on. If no Executive runs for Minor Executive, it goes to the most senior Executive by default.


The Minor Executive takes on the role of the acting Major Executive in the following circumstances as explained by the Constitution:

  1. If the Major Executive has entered a notified absence, not lasting more than two weeks
  2. If the Major Executive declares they are unable to perform the responsibilities of their position due to emotional, legal, or other reasons until a time they inform the Executive Branch they are prepared to take upon their responsibilities once again.
  3. If the Major Executive has, without notification, been absent for three or more days.

If any of those situations occur, the Minor Executive becomes the acting Major Executive which means they fulfill the roles and have the powers of the Major Executive until the Major Executive returns to full ability.

However, if the Major Executive is removed from office or resigns their office, the Minor Executive automatically assumes the role as Major Executive and a new Minor Executive must be appointed. In this situation the Minor Executive must resign their current standard Executive position to become full Major Executive.

Historical Minor ExecutivesEdit

Major Position Timeline

Minor Executive Arnold OgamonEdit

The first Minor Executive. He was in office as Minor Executive from January 15th, 2011 until June 26th, 2011 when he became the Major Executive.

Minor Executive Zamorak AgentEdit

The Minor Executive under Major Executive Arnold Ogamon, he performed many efforts as both Head of Finance and as Minor Executive. He was forced to leave office and resign the day before the one year anniversary of when he became Head of Finance. He was in office from June 26th, 2011 until December 13th, 2011.

Minor Executive EhtyaEdit

Serving the longest of almost any person in the Triumvirate as Chief Ambassador, he was the logical choice when Minor Executive Agent was forced to leave office. He entered office on December 13th, 2011 and served through the Countdown Crisis, becoming the first Minor Executive to become the acting Major Executive.

Minor Executive Andrew HesterEdit

Andrew Hester was the running mate of sitting Major Executive Stavrok, and despite Stavrok's loss in election, Hester did succeed in becoming elected Minor Executive. He entered office on January 1st, 2013. He was reelected as Minor Executive to a second term for the second trimester of 2013 as well. Though he was challenged by both a member of his own party and by Mitchell Carrick in the Minor Executive election for 2013-III he won reelection and was set to serve a third term as Minor Executive until, on the start of the new trimester, on September 1, 2013, he resigned due to the divided political environment within the Triumvirate, leaving his position as Minor Executive and as Head of the Treasury, and leaving the Triumvirate as well. This threw the Executive Branch and the Major Executive into a crisis as they scrambled to repair damage and locate a new Minor Executive for the new trimester, eventually causing them to elect Lanclot Rice.

He was elected again in January 2016 during the Winter Attacks to create a sense of stability and experience.

Minor Executive Lanclot RiceEdit

Lanclot Rice was elected via a special election on September 1, 2013, on the first day of the trimester, after Andrew Hester resigned that very day. He served through the Expropriation of the Clans Wiki. He ran unopposed to win election again for Trimester 2014-I.

Minor Executive Edward StenbachEdit

Minor Executive Stenbach took office alongside Major Executive Ryan Bleitze on May 1, 2014. In late June of that trimester, he temporarily became acting Major Executive when Bleitze refused to nominate Jackson Mearl to another term as Chairman of the JCC or allow foreign leaders on the Triumvirate central forum. On July 16, 2014, Edward Stenbach became the seventh Major Executive when Major Executive Bleitze resigned as part of the Blacklist Scandal.

Minor Executive Vulpes ArenasEdit

Minor Executive Arenas was elected via a special election on July 17, 2014 after Minor Executive Stenbach became Major Executive. He was subsequently reelected as Minor Executive for a full trimester for 2014-III, continuing to serve under Major Executive Stenbach. He lost reelection to serve as Minor Executive to Charles Sessions for 2015-I after being banished from his party.

Minor Executive Charles SessionsEdit

Minor Executive Sessions beat out incumbent Minor Executive Arenas to serve for 2015-I. A member of the Cosmopolitan Party, Sessions was popular due to strong Administrative-Executive relations and a good working relationship with most Executives. Sessions was elected to succeed Major Executive Stenbach and became the eighth Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate on May 1, 2015.

Minor Executive Edward StenbachEdit

For the first time in history, no candidate declared for the 2015-II Minor Executive race, meaning that Stenbach won by default as he was the most senior Executive (he was the outgoing Major Executive but he had been elected to remain on the Executive Branch as the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy. This was also the first time that a person would serve two non-consecutive terms as Minor Executive.

Minor Executive Allison BraughEdit

As Edward Stenbach (the incumbent Minor Executive) did not want the position in the first place and had only had it by default last time, when Progressive Allison Braugh (the Administrative Liaison ran and was unopposed, she won by default and became the tenth Minor Executive. She ran unopposed again to remain Minor Executive for 2016-I.

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