National Health Cyber Service
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Founded July 18th, 2014 by Allan Frankland & Joshua Johnston
Industry Health
CEO Allan Frankland
Employees Two
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National Health Cyber Service is a health service provider, we provide psychological treatment and sessions. Allan Frankland and Joshua Johnston have both studied psychology for many years and have provided help to many before. As of right now you will need to pay for health care, if you would like a session.

How it worksEdit

  • Apply for an appointment using one of the Emails in the contact. State your preferred method of communication with your contact and preferred consultant (You may prefer to stick to the same consultant)
  • Wait for your Email reply stating who will be your consultant (usually your preferred)and your appointment time.
  • If the time and consultant works for you, show up and talk. It's that easy.


With it being a health care system online, we won't be able to give you a brain operation. However, we can offer: Therapy sessions, psychological sessions, psychological advice and in the future any possible diagnosis. As of right now each one hour session is 15∇ each, for all services. With it you get a free medical record, if you like. We're here to offer advice and support, through stressful times. This is not only related to Universal Triumvirate, if something is also bothering you in real life, we may be able to help or you can just blow off steem. We want the citizens of Universal Triumvirate to be mentally fit to lead and work, and we're here to help achieve that. And as a society we should be looking out for each other.


  • Price = 15∇ for one hour session.
  • You don't have to pay straight away, you will have till the end of the trimester to pay however much you owe. If you need longer to pay then Email one of the staff or tell your consultant.
  • In the future we will be offering a medical plan. In which you pay for health care once a week (regardless of whether you come to a session), which monthly will work out to be cheaper than if you just paid for each session.
  • Try to keep up-to-date with the payments as they will change regularly as we begin to develop.


Privacy is the most important issue we face as business. We've done everything in our power to protect the ID of those requiring our services.

  • Anonymity: To keep our patients anonymity protected we've included a few measures. 1.) To apply, always do so by Emailing one of our consultants, never apply publicly. 2.) You may pick a pseudonym. A pseudonym is a fake name to protect the ID of those that would be considered sensitive, pseudonyms are often used among special forces agents and secret service. 3.) Consultant confidentiality. Basically, only one consultant at any one time can know you exist as a patient, consultants cannot discuss their patients with other consultants and cannot tell another consultant you're a patient. However, consultants can consult other consultants if you give them permission and they can join in on the discussion and aid you if you wish and provide consent. You will have to consent to this if you wish. 4.) You will get to decide where discussion takes place. It can be on: Forums via PM, SKYPE, FB and Email. You can change this at any time and no discussion will be saved without your consent.
  • Medical records are patient files, they contain information about you, your thoughts and your mental state. 1.) Medical records can only be created with your consent, your consultant will ask you if you would like a medical record you may wish to accept or decline. 2.) You can create and destroy an health record at anytime. If you currently have a medical record you may ask your consultant to destroy it and he will do so or you may wish to ask your consultant to create a medical record at anytime. 3.) Medical records cannot be used against you in court. If NHCS or any other party or private individual takes you or you take them to court, then NHCS cannot use medical records or provide medical records as evidence, even if it would win us the case. This is to protect the integrity of NHCS and the individual, we're not a blackmailing business. 4.)Copies of medical records can only be created with your consent. If you would like to receive a copy of your health record, change consultants or allow another consultant to see/make a copy of your record than you have to legally consent. Without your approval this cannot go forward, this is one of the most strict rules of NHCS. Any consultant found to be creating copies without consent will have legal action taken against them and fired completely from NHCS. This is prevent any highly powerful people from getting their hands on sensitive information and prevent corruption among the ranks and to protect the mental state of patients. 5.) Medical records shall not be stored or transferred onto the internet without your permission. Medical records will be saved onto the personal computer of your consultant and cannot be transferred onto the internet without permissions. If you want a copy of your medical record then you will need to give permission to allow a copy of the medical record to go forward and to give permission to allow a copy of your medical record on the internet.
  • Payment. As of right now payment privacy is still be discussed. We will need payment to be done confidentially, and so I will need to get permission for this.

--Executive: Allan Frankland (talk) 03:20, July 23, 2014 (UTC)

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