The Flag of the Universal Triumvirate, displaying its two national colors: white and black

Seal of the Universal Triumvirate

The Seal of the Universal Triumvirate

Great Horned Owl Flight

The national animal of the Universal Triumvirate, the Great Horned Owl

The Universal Triumvirate has four major official national symbols: the flag, the seal, the black and white color scheme, and the Great Horned Owl.

The FlagEdit

For more information, see Flag.

The flag of the Universal Triumvirate, emboldened with the symbol of the downward-facing equilateral triangle, is a monument to the success, role, and founding of the union. The flag consists of an equilateral triangle with a black outline, white trim on the inside, and solid black triangle on the inside, surrounded by a solid white background.

The SealEdit

The Seal of the Universal Triumvirate is the national seal for the entire Universal Triumvirate. It is composed of a black and white color scheme (the national colors of the Triumvirate). The center of the seal contains a Great Horned Owl, the national animal of the Triumvirate, carrying the flag of the Union. Nine stars fly above the owl, three for each branch of government, three for each founding Executive, and three for each founding ideal. The words "THE UNIVERSAL TRIUMVIRATE" adorn the top of the seal while the phrase "FOR THE SAKE OF JUSTICE, WE RISE" adorn the bottom, a play on Zerouh's original statement during his debut: "For the sake of Justice, I rise".

National ColorsEdit

The national colors of the Universal Triumvirate are black and white (represented on the flag).

National AnimalEdit

The national animal of the Universal Triumvirate is the Great Horned Owl, symbolic of many things for the Union, including its size, power, wit, and cunning. Generally considered "wise", owls represent intelligence, something of grand importance in the Triumvirate. While their own prowess in silent hunting and raw power demonstrate the subtle but critical nature of the Union.

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