Naturalization Contingency Act
Short Title Naturalization Contingency Act
Long Title A Law to authorize the Department of Naturalization to issue debts in order to raise capital for continuing recruitment and citizenship expansion and permit it to continue functioning in the event of a government shutdown.
Enacted March 9, 2015
Law Number 2015-I-06
UTC Parts(s) Amended 7 UTC, 11 UTC
Legislative History
  • Framer(s): Edward Stenbach
  • Cosponsor(s): Andrew Hester, Lanclot Rice; Allison Braugh, Howard Coleson, Leonard Misset

The Naturalization Contingency Act was a major piece of legislation in 2015-I. It came about as a result of a need to guarantee consistent operations and funding to the Department of Naturalization, when the Department was due to owe significant funds over the course of the year. The premise was to allow the Department of Naturalization to issues its own bonds up to a debt limit of ∇500, giving it the ability to fund itself in the short-term in situations where the central government could not afford to allocate funds to it. The bill also repealed the future coinage plan, a compromise to get some conservative support, and excluded TDN from being suspended in a government shutdown (provided it maintained the ability to continue to issue debts).

The bill contains a provision for what should happen if the Department of Naturalization defaults on its debts wherein the Head of the Treasury assumes control of TDN until such is no longer the case. Though this was controversial at first, both Head of the Treasury Andrew Hester and Head of Naturalization Lanclot Rice agreed to cosponsor the legislation when Major Executive Stenbach (the framer of the bill) approached them.

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