Ogamon's Manual was a historical autobiography and collection of writings on political thought put together by the Triumvirate's second Major Executive, Arnold Ogamon. It was published on April 2, 2014, one year from the date Ogamon left the Triumvirate back in 2013. It provides the greatest insight into the history of the Triumvirate from September 2010 until April 2013, and also gives a look into the mind of one of the Triumvirate's finest figures.

It was published to the general public of the Triumvirate so that generations to come may observe and learn about the background and early foundations of the Union. The full manual can be found here: File:Ogamon's Manual.pdf


The manual is 48 pages long and includes an introduction, seven chapters, and a conclusion. The chapters included are:

  1. Biography of Initiation
  2. Biography of Minor Executive
  3. Biography of Major Executive
  4. Biography of Conclusion
  5. Preservation
  6. Defining the Ogamon Doctrine
  7. The Major Executive

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