The Ogamon Initiative was a rule set up at the urging of Arnold Ogamon in October 2010 dealing with the conservation of historical information and data which had previously not been considered by the Executive Branch until that point.

Though it has no legal value, the initiative has become more of a tradition or an unwritten rule that the Executive Branch adheres to in order to save and conserve the history of the union so that those in the future can always look back.


The principle was proposed by Arnold Ogamon, a freshman Executive who was recently made Chief Attorney, who always had a main stance of protection and conservation of culture and history (even into his later time in the branch in which he rose to become Minor Executive and eventually even Major Executive). He first discussed the idea with Zerouh who agreed the value of such an initiative would be useful to the future members of the Triumvirate and especially the Executive Branch in passing rules for the future well being for the Triumvirate. Ehtya and Ascencia were both brought in later on to partake in the private discussion because between them two and Zerouh, the full history of the Triumvirate could be best documented.

The Ogamon Initiative formally begun on October 10, 2010 and Zerouh very quickly began the process of compiling all remaining relics from previous history until that point (primarily what was left from the previous site that was attacked and abandoned during the Army of Saradomin Cold War).


The Initiative has several key points that were discussed between the four and suggested by Ogamon.

  1. Discussion Preservation: The archiving and documentation of all discussions on important or historically relevant topics in the Executive Branch and Administrative Branch. This keeps full unedited records of everything so that those in the future can look at what exactly was happening in the branches, who was there, and what they were like.
  2. Keeping of Records: All records (such as the above listed) were to be kept by Zerouh (this was revised when the Major Executive position was created). This was done because some the records may need to be kept confidential instead of publicallly released and because it was not yet practical to put them on a wiki for storage.
  3. No Tampering: No person or the government would be allowed to tamper or distort any record of our history.

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