Flag of Pania

Pania is a foreign nation currently lead by President Thomas Armethol.


  • Thomas Armethol (President)
  • David Key (Vice President)
  • Adam Ruror (General Minister)
  • Pirth
  • Sarahachi Tome
  • Damian Eldridge
  • Shiro Nazura

Charter of PaniaEdit


We, the people of Pania, do declare our independence from Desolare, recognizing the duty of man to break from the chains of oppression and to pursue security and prosperity instead of oppression and tyranny. We do create this charter to serve as our guide, provide for our defense, allow us unalienable rights, and promote our general welfare.


Every six months, both on the first day of February and on the first day of August, the people of Pania shall elect a President, and whomever of all candidates receives the most votes shall become the President. The President shall serve as the commander-in-chief and as the head of state, conducting in stately activities, representing Pania abroad, and ensuring well-being for the citizens of Pania. No person who prevented the formation of Pania or who made war against Pania may become President, nor may any person who has not been a citizen for at least four months.
They shall also elect a Vice President at the same time they elect the President, and whomever of all candidates receives the most votes shall become the Vice President. The Vice President shall take the office of the President if the President resigns while their term is ongoing, the President is permanently incapacitated, or if the President is impeached. The President may command that the Vice President perform a number of tasks that the office of the President may need such as conducting negotiations, delivering remarks, or enforcing laws.
The President and Vice President shall both be able to be impeached if 2/3 of all citizens in Pania sign a document insisting that one of them be impeached. In the event that no Vice President is present (due to impeachment, resignation, or permanent incapacitation), the President may select a Vice President to continue serving until the term ends.


The President shall appoint a General Minister, serving at the pleasure of the President until they or another President removes them. The General Minister shall have the duty to serve as the judicial presence, hearing out all matters of justice.


The President may approve legislation and create laws, declarations, and treaties so long as either the Vice President or the General Minister signs off on them. So too may they issue pardons and economic measures.
No bill of attainder, ex post facto law, or law that undermines this charter may be formed. No citizen may be deprived of the unalienable rights to free speech, free press, freedom of expression, freedom to petition the government of grievances, freedom to vote in elections, or be deprived of their right to be absolved from unreasonable searches, seizures, and questions of their person. All citizens will be entitled to defend themselves and present evidence and witnesses if they are ever thought to be in violation of law or to be committing treason against Pania.


Any person may become a citizen of Pania provided they are accepted by either the President or General Minister and that they are not primarily a citizen of another faction.
All citizens of Pania shall be treated equally under the law and entitled to the same protections as every other citizen.


The flag of Pania shall be composed of a popular, yet peaceful blue, to demonstrate tranquility and peace. Drawn through the middle shall be a solid black line, representing the line between oppression and freedom. Splitting the lines from connecting, at the center of the flag, shall be a black diamond, depicting the guardian of freedom, barring oppression from entrance into Pania.


This charter may only be amended on request from the President and approval, by a vote of the entire citizenry of Pania, of two-thirds.

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