A Résumé is a document owned and managed by the Department of Naturalization that holds the credentials of Triumvirate members. The Naturalization Act is responsible for the legislation of them. The idea was originally conceived and planned by Chief Attorney and Major Executive, Arnold Ogamon. They are one of the most important parts of the Triumvirate system as they allow all Triumvirate members to have their achievements and past experiences documented and they also provide an accurate way of managing Triumvirate citizens.

Résumés, in cooperation with TID Numbers, are the two main ways of identifying an individual within the Triumvirate. This is important to keep track of member status, member activities, spending, and protecting the possessions and rights of the members of the Triumvirate.

A full list of all Triumvirate citizens, along with links to their résumés and a reference to their TID number can be found on this page.

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