Retired Employees Pension Arrangement, Investment, and Resources (REPAIR) Act
Short Title Retired Employees Pension Arrangement, Investment, and Resources (REPAIR) Act
Long Title A Law to introduce retirement pensions, and to revise the government employment program.
Enacted April 3, 2015
Law Number 2015-I-12
UTC Parts(s) Amended 3 UTC, 7 UTC
Legislative History
  • Framer(s): Charles Sessions, Lanclot Rice
  • Cosponsor(s): Allison Braugh, Emanuel Curesse, Leonard Misset

The REPAIR Act was a piece of legislation passed in 2015-I that established a pension plan for retired government workers who had served for a continuous two years in the government. The bill enabled the Department of Naturalization to pay retired government employees pensions and also saw a drastic cut in the government employment incentives program to compensate. The bill was initially struck down by the Executive Branch due to a proceedural rule and was thus re-proposed shortly after, which gained the necessary votes to pass.

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