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Privatizing the Future

Schay Enterprises [SE]
Schay Enterprises
Business Overview
IOF Number 7
Founded July 7, 2012 by James Schay
Dissolved February 19, 2013 by James Schay
Industry Engineering
Owned By James Schay
Market Overview
Total Value         ∇0
Gain This Week Steady     ∇0

Welcome to Schay Enterprises, we're privatizing the future and building the world of tomorrow through technology and innovation. We hold to the belief that everything is possible and that anything can be made better, easier, or more practical through technology. There is no problem technology cannot fix.


Schay Enterprises was founded on July 20, 2012 by James Schay.

Schay Enterprises was dissolved on February 19, 2013 by James Schay when Schay left the Triumvirate. He transferred the ownership of all assets to General Media.


Schay Enterprises has several divisions of engineering: web, defense, and program.

Web Engineering

Schay Enterprise Side Banner
Schay Enterprise Side Banner

Web Engineering includes such services as developing pages for this wikia, developing websites, setting up webpages, and Internet information databases. Anything on the web that you need help with, Schay Enterprises can help with. James Schay is an experienced user in wikitext, html, and css and no matter what you need done, be it creating advanced templates for this wiki, designing a site for your business, or setting up connections via YouTube, Facebook, or any other outlet on the Internet, Schay Enterprises is the best to do it for you.

Defense Engineering

Though most cannot afford what we do in this regard, wealthy individuals, businesses, and even the government may enjoy the quality technology we have to offer in this area. We have the capacity to construct defense mainframes, technical attack counter-measures, protective installments in websites, improved security in e-mails, and even technology for tactical strikes should it ever be necessary and proper.

Program Engineering

Software engineering is another ability we possess and it may be used in a variety of areas. You can implement it into websites or use it for personal computational needs.


All things we do are completely specialized so we do not offer anything specifically, if you need us to design a wiki template, bot, or website you will need to contact us at to discuss exactly what you are looking for and get a quote for it.


Schay Enterprise Side Banner
Schay Enterprise Side Banner

RCS Mainframe

If this project receives funding, which Schay Enterprises is looking to getting from the government or major business, would create a series of delicately chosen retaliatory counter strikes in the event of an attack, infiltration, or alert from a website (or from a chief office or owner). Approximate value is ∇250-∇300.


If this project receives funding from the government it would create a defense bot known as WikiShield-0 for the use of security and defense on this site. Approximate value is ∇200-∇250.

Havoc Siren System

This project is an alarm system, it can be integrated into various links and websites to be as public or private as you need. Using cell phone alerts, people can be alerted at any time, even when away from the computer. The estimated value is ∇100.


Our most powerful and perhaps most dangerous product on the known market in the Triumvirate is almost in your hands!

Folks, let me introduce you to the CySec-A, the finest program the Triumvirate has ever seen. CyberSecure-A is the very same product that knocked the socks off of your own Head of Intelligence a week ago, so much so that he technically classified the information and forbid me from talking about it! Forbid me from talking about my own product! Funny how things work out, because here I am doing exactly that, whoopsy-daisies. Come Get Me.

The product holds significant defense (and aggression) capabilities for a private individual. It is completely resistant to any technology the government of the Triumvirate currently has just to give you an inkling of how impressive this thing is.

The programs boasts a load of features, all 100% legal (not just by Triumvirate standards, also in compliance with all USA standards, international rules, etc. Don't worry, I wouldn't sell anything on an Internet marketplace that violated anything), dedicated to protecting your computer, your information, your profiles, and your data. This program is essentially an elaborate firewall that, when running, encrypts your Internet connection and defends your computer. Defense wise, you won't find a better thing around unless you pay for it with real, hard-earned, cash. Now let's talk "aggressor" features, using the same technology as the RCS Mainframe, it can execute lock-downs, collect information on threats, and document all events taking place while the program notices a threat. Finally, and probably the thing you will find most useful (this is the part the Department of Intelligence has classified as confidential... once again oops... guess that came out), is when it recognizes an "attack", it collects data from where it comes from as I said; you can set the program to, as a retaliatory measure, fire a "shot" back at the attacker, temporarily cutting off their Internet connection (NOTE: this is a temporary thing, will only apply to a single computer, and can only be done when the target is attacking your computer otherwise it would be in violation of those laws I talked about earlier - with those three restrictions it counts as self-defense, some firewalls and routers have similar features, possibly even your home one if you paid for that) if they notice a computer attacking one on their network) allowing you to reconfigure and rebuild or jump off the network before any evil-doer sends anymore viruses or anything else nasty your way.

Well there you go, the finest project Schay Enterprises has to offer so far. Not impressed yet? What if I told you it can even be used on a smart phone? Still not impressed? Okay, maybe I should have mentioned that it prevents sites you visit along with those attempting to get to your computer from collecting your data (such as your IP address, computer specifications, traffic analysis, etc.), that is done utilizing a technology known as anonymity routing (which is becoming quite a fad), and the feature can be turned on and off when you like. Still not impressed? Fine... but if you don't buy it... you better hope it doesn't end up in the hands of someone who doesn't like you.

This program (or rather the rights to it once I finish it in approximately a month) will be auctioned off on Monday to the highest bidder, I suggest those wishing to keep this out of the hands of the "common folk" bring their check books! Once you get it, I don't care what you do with the program, it's yours. If you're the government, use it for your own defense, if you're a private citizen, have fun dodging whatever the government throws at you. The program will only work on one computer, it cannot be transferred, it can not be re-used on another computer, it will work on one. Approximate value is ∇300-∇400, bidding will start at ∇200.

SOLD! To the Government of the Triumvirate. August 13, 2012


If you thought the CySec-A was incredible, wait until you see the power of the CySec-B, the newest project of Schay Enterprises. The CySec-A scared the government so much they put a lot into making sure they had their hands on it and it gave such a fright to their "legendary" Head of Intelligence that he attempted to prevent me from selling my products! Just imagine what the CySec-B will do...

Key Features:

  • Invisibility feature, makes you practically invisible to any site or person attempting to collect your personal information or data.
  • Anyone who even attempts to invade your computer either directly or remotely would them themselves be shut down, don't try it!
  • Possesses the power to take down the Triumvirate political system, only in specific circumstances of course, such as an unjust or illegal move on their part.
  • A step higher than the CySec-A, any computer running the CySec-B would be superior and could overrule the defense of the CySec-A.

Production Schedule:

  • By September 18, 2012: 50% completed
  • By September 22, 2012: 75% completed
  • By October 1, 2012: 95% completed. Fixes and edits made, bug testing and diagnostics remain.
  • By October 3, 2012: 98% completed. Test run date
  • By October 6, 2012: 100% completed. Additional finishes, bugs found in test fixed. Product is ready for deployment.

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