The Senate of the Universal Triumvirate was established during the ratification of the Triumvirates new constitution on June 6th, 2016. The Senate, the upper of the two houses of the Legislative Branch, maintains a total of 4 members at present time, and functions as the confirmation role of the legislation before being sent to the Chancellor. The acting president of the Senate is the Vice-Chancellor, who breaks ties should they ever happen and from time to time initiates legislative sessions in the senate.


The Senate is composed of four elected officials each serving 6 month terms, but they run in a staggered election system. This means that instead of all senators being up for re-election at once, only two are available for re-election at a time. Senatorial elections take place during the months of March, June, August, and December, on the 15th day of each month. For example, two senators run for election in March and August of every year, and take office the following months, and another class of separate senators run in June and December, taking office the following months.

The Senate will increase proportionately in size following these numerical patterns:

Less than 30 members: 4 Senators More than 30 members but less than 45: 6 Senators More than 45 members but less than 60: 8 Senators More than 60 members: 10 Senators

Current MembersEdit

Currently, the Senate is awaiting an election on June the 20th to determine who presides. If you wish to file for election, please register here!

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