Executive Branch Senator
Vulpes Arenas

Current Position
Entered Office January 23, 2016
Executive Rank Freshman
Party Establishment
Executive Branch Senator

Current Position
Entered Office None
Executive Rank
Party None
Contact None

Senators are Executive positions, the first of which was created in September of 2013. They are very different from other Executive positions in that they are elected by the general public and are purely political positions. Unlike other Executive positions, the Senators are more difficult to impeach (due to them being directly elected by the people, to protect their interests and against corruption, it is harder to remove them), with a two-thirds majority in the Executive Branch necessary.


Seal of the Senator

The Senators are elected alongside the Administrative Branch in the Trimester Elections, at the same time and on the same ballot. Each citizen casts two votes (one for each Senator) and the two candidates with the most votes become Senators. They enter office on the first day of the new trimester after being elected. Though there is no term limit for the position and potentially someone could serve in the position for years, they do have to be reelected every Trimester and likely face competition in each of those elections.

Responsibilities and PowersEdit

One of the most unique powers of the Senators is a procedural concept presented in the Procedural Rules of the Executive Branch called "Senatorial Condemnation" which allows, if both Senators agree, an instantaneous censure to go on the record of any Executive. This idea, originating from Senator McDearny in September of 2014, goes hand in hand with the concepts of "McDearnyism", his philosophy to use populist devices (like the Senator offices) to propagate the elite system of the Executive Branch.

Senators also have a unique constitutional requirement in the election for Major Executive in that they must both vote for whoever wins the popular vote for Major Executive (which occurs on the same ballot as the elections for the incoming Administration and Senators). This guarantees that the Senators are carrying out the public's will and that the public has some percentage of a say in who shall become Major Executive for the incoming trimester.

Past SenatorsEdit

Because there are two Senators, the past senators indicate which two held the seats each trimester:

Senator I Senator II
Trimester Name Party Votes Notes Name Party Votes Notes
2014-I Clark McDearny Union 19/26 Not Applicable There was only one Senator at this time
2014-II Clark McDearny Union 23/27 Vulpes Arenas Establishment 21/27 Switched to Head of Commerce and Industry on June 18, 2014. Pevolt Levici (Libertarian) inserted as temporary Senator.
2014-III Clark McDearny Union 25/30 Elected Chief Attorney on 9.18.14, left office as Senator. Replaced by Victor Martel (Establishment) on 9.25.14 (Martel was then impeached on 12.14.14 due to criminal activity) Nicholas Romanov Progressive 18/30
2015-I Lectre Vidius Establishment N/A Victor Martel (Establishment) was elected unopposed for 2015-I but banished from the Triumvirate before taking office. Lectre Vidius (Establishment) was appointed by the Administration on January 28, 2015. Nicholas Romanov Progressive (No Competition)
2015-II Lectre Vidius Establishment (No Competition) Henry Gobar AuthoritySocialist (No Competition)
2015-III Madec Austern Progressive 19/31 Henry Gobar Socialist 23/31 Switched to Head of Naturalization on December 3, 2015. Spencer Kaye (Progressive) appointed by the Administration as temporary Senator.
2015-III Vulpes Arenas Independent Appointed in emergency by the Administration None Vacant

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