The Social Branch was an idea conceived by the Triumvirate's founder, Zerouh, in February of 2010. It was first mentioned in the first State of the Union and was later implemented on March 13. At the time the only branch of government was the Executive Branch and Zerouh's concept of a Social Branch was to be a check on the power of the Executive Branch as well as a voice for the people. It was, in a way, a rough draft of the Administrative Branch.

The branch was supposed to encourage events and gatherings so that a larger sense of community would be created, thus spurring recruiting and activity. In Constitutional History, the Social Branch is an interesting concept, leading the way for the Administrative Branch as a check on the Executive Branch and changing the scale of the Executive Branch.

Zerouh called it his "most poorly conceived idea" and "biggest mistake" while he was in office. It was removed on May 25, 2010 shortly after the Administrative Branch was first formed (May 14).

Text of the Social Branch ProvisionEdit

A Social Branch which manages and administers events and public collective will be the separate power for public consult. The Social Branch will consist of three members who are responsible for providing the public domain of the Triumvirate with events and gatherings. Social Branch powers are constituted and described here.

  1. In the absence of a member of the Social Branch, the remaining Social Branch will instate another. If all Social Branch positions are empty the Executive Branch will appoint them.
  2. The Social Branch must, without a complete absence of members, perform public events for those of the Triumvirate at least once per every three weeks.
  3. The Social Branch must not act if a majority of Executives is against the Social Branch decision.
  4. The Executive Branch may not call for the removal of a member of the Social Branch. The Social Branch may remove a member if the other two members of the Social Branch oppose the one who is being removed.
  5. If five or more Triumvirate clans form together and can gain the assistance and approval of one Executive Branch member, they can remove a member from the Social Branch.

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