Speaker of the Administrative Branch
Henry Gobar
Seal of the Speaker of the Administration
Seal of the Speaker of the Administration
Speaker Henry Gobar
Current Position
Entered Office January 23, 2016
Predecessor Pierce Ehtya
Party Progressive
Deputy Speaker Jackson Eden
Associate Speaker Allison Braugh
General Position Overview
Purpose To speak for and manage the Administrative Branch
Formed 11/30/11
First Speaker Nremni

The Speaker of the Administration is one of the most important and powerful positions in the Triumvirate. Acting as the president of the Administrative Branch and one of the most influential figures in the Triumvirate political system, the Speaker acts swiftly to defend the desires of the Administration and the people of the Triumvirate. They act in conjunction with the Underspeaker to preside over and lead the Administrative Branch.


After the election results are final, before the trimester with the new Administration begins, the new incoming Administrators all meet and each Administrator who desires to be a candidate for Speaker states so and an election is held. The Administrative Liaison presides over all circumstances wherein the Speaker and Underspeaker are to be elected. Via a series of run-off elections until there are two candidates left, the candidate with the most votes becomes Speaker and the candidate with the second greatest amount of votes becomes Underspeaker. If there is a tie at any point in the election of Speaker and Underspeaker, the Administrative Liaison breaks it.


The Speaker and Underspeaker can be collectively removed by a motion of no confidence in their leadership, which calls for a reelection for both of them. It requires a majority of Administrators in favor and the Administrative Liaison presides over such.


The Constitution grants the Speaker considerable responsibility and power so that it can manage and lead the Administrative Branch effectively.

The biggest power of the Speaker is choosing what goes on table to the Administrative Branch. This includes impeachments, Administrative decisions, and even laws given to them by the Executive Branch. They choose which laws the Administration should review (go to the floor of the Administration) but can choose not to table a bill given to them, which is a key political tool. The Administration then votes upon all matters tabled to them by the Speaker. The Underspeaker also has this power so that the Speaker doesn't have exclusive power to keep things off of table for the Administration. Key political figures such as Executives use this to push their own policies forward or destroy policies they disagree with. The Speaker determines the schedule for almost all measures before the Administration.

Another significant role the Speaker plays is the negotiation of issues on behalf of the Administration. The Speaker must speak with Executives, Agency directors, Department members, and other significant figures in order to represent the Administrative Branch and make the will of the people heard.

The Speaker performs a number of maintenance and logistical roles as well such as appointing Administrators to committees at the beginning of the trimester and filling empty Administrative committee seats.

The Speaker is also responsible, from the Caph Act and its successive amendment, to publish matters which the Administration has accepted from the Executive Branch to the public at large so that the public knows what is before the Administration.

Whenever there is a vacancy in a seat in the Administration, the political party that held the seat may appoint a replacement who must be approved by the Speaker or Underspeaker.

Past Speakers and UnderspeakersEdit

Major Position Timeline

Also see History of the Administrative Branch.

# Portrait Speaker Party Administration # Underspeaker Underspeaker Party Tenure
1 Nremni Portrait Nremni Progressive 1st 1 Andrew Mearl Establishment 2012-II
2 Andrew Mearl Andrew Mearl Establishment 2nd 2 Nremni Progressive 2012-III
3rd 3 Jackson Mearl Union 2013-I
4th 4 Ryan Bleitze Authority 2013-II
5th 5 Edward Stenbach Establishment 2013-III
3 Carlson Tyler Carlson Tyler Progressive 6th 6 John Brayer Libertarian 2014-I
4 Luke Cannon Luke Cannon Progressive 7th 2014-II
8th 2014-III
9th 2015-I
10th 2015-II
11th 2015-III
5 Pierce Ehtya Union 7 Harrison Mearl Establishment

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