Standing Committee on the Judiciary
Formed December 11, 2012
Oversees TDJ
Composure 1 Executives, 1 Administrators,
Committee Membership
Executives Administrators

The Standing Committee on the Judiciary investigates, researches, and discusses matters pertaining to pure law and the courts. They may make suggestions for judicial nominees to the Executive Branch or consider revisions to rules of criminal or civil procedure. Two members (one Executive and one Administrator) serve on the committee. The Department of Justice falls under the general domain and oversight of the committee.

Historical MembershipEdit


  • Chair: Aym Uluto
  • Other Members: Stavrok (retired mid-trimester, replaced by Nathan Maine), Ermier


  • Chair: Mitar Curesse
  • Other Members: Aaron Ehtya

Legislation By the CommitteeEdit

The following legislation was drafted by the committee:

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