Written By: Zerouh, Major Executive, Founder, Founding Executive

Released: 2/25/11

Universal Triumvirate State of the Union IV

I speak to you all now for what will likely be my last State of the Union, but please do not let that distract you from the facts and promises in this address. Our Union has stood for over a year, it has maintained a strong and secure government, and its Executive Branch has does many things to improve and evolve our system. With the election of justices we will shortly have a secure judiciary and with the predicted increase in clans that several Executives and I put together, we will have a secure administration. Our Union has been through so much; surely we can exist through so much more.

As usual, and by tradition, I will present the department reports first. While at the present time the Department of Media is without a leader, I have taken my free time as the Major Executive to begin projects for it. As I am also sure you’ve seen, the Head of Intelligence, Ascencia, has been contributing as well by providing us artwork. Zamorak Agent, the Head of Finance, has stated that with new financial legislation passed by the Executive Branch, he is planning and predicting to make millions per month, tremendously increasing our income and securities. The Department of Warfare has now acquired a leader so recruiting and military plans should both rise. I must bring up the departments of Intelligence and State later so for now I shall only conclude this by saying the Department of Law is reworking its priorities to form a legal archive and set up its own committees for suggesting and preparing laws and amendments to bring to the Executive Branch.

Many of you are surely aware of the planning and political infrastructure going into the court system. We reformed the courts and are steadily appointing justices. Because the courts are relatively useless unless there are three or more justices in office, we have made finding more justices a high priority. There are already a select few who have applied and are planning some cases. CELTHES vs. The Universal Triumvirate Executive Branch is one I look forward to seeing move through the judicial branch in particular. I’ve looked over the basic case file and it should lead to some very interesting political questions. Arnold Ogamon, the newly appointed Minor Executive and the Chief Attorney, has also been setting up some cases to, and I quote “refine the legal system of the Triumvirate”. When this all can commence you can expect to see a heavy increase in Triumvirate political culture and idealisms. This court system will allow up to provide precedents for the government, further understand our Constitution and other political documents, and even possibly allow for the creation of inferior courts.

I mentioned that I would bring up the State Department earlier on, this situation is complex. As many have seen and as we have explained, the Executive Branch is regulating the actions of the State Department thoroughly. We have already passed legislation to enforce that the State Department must keep the Executive Branch informed of all actions and legislation preventing the agreement of an alliance with those keeping a Triumvirate criminal in their domain. Some Executives have tabled further ideas including some as moderate as having to approve all diplomats working for the State Department and giving the Executive Branch the primary approval of an agreement instead of only the Chief Ambassador. However, some Executives have brought up ideas as elaborate as giving the Major Executive control of diplomacy and even one that was recently turned away on completely removing the State Department altogether. I promise for the good of our union that I will never stand for the revoking of Diplomacy, I consider outside negotiations and responsibilities a high priority and one we are obligated to attend to. I do agree that there are some necessary regulations that need imposed. I understand that there are multiple sides to this debate within the Executive Branch; Most Executives favor intense regulations in the form of law. As I said, one even supported a total repeal of the State Department. Several Executives have also spoken of a strongly bureaucratically regulated department of State. However, I believe all of these would be too slow and/or not appropriate for our Union so I am taking a moderate approach. All I can give you on this while the debate carried on is that you should have faith the Executive Branch will make a strong decision and that I will everything in my power to maintain and keep the Triumvirate Department of State running efficiently.

Spending and Actions of the Department of Finance have been in question recently as well. Zamorak Agent, the former Head of Disaster Planning, was recently elected as the Head of Finance and as I said earlier, has been improving the Department of Finance. The Executive Branch has been making financial security a high priority and with recent legislation we have secure funds for department and universal emergencies. This new legislation has given 2.7 million in emergency funds and has put stronger guidelines on documenting financial transactions. Under the new leadership, TDF has already given over ten-thousand to the Department of Intelligence whose leader and Head of Intelligence, Ascencia, has used it to secure sites under Triumvirate domain and hire additional informational assistance. With the increasing diplomatic conflict, it is likely money will also be sent to the State Department shortly. Several Executives have also brought up the topic of investing and banking money but progress on this will take time depending on the development of several negotiations and laws passed by the Executive Branch.

As part of the State of the Union, I am, of course, expected to give you all some foresight on what the Executive Branch is planning for the coming months. I mentioned most of the critical things already but there are a few things I feel are crucial to mention that will hopefully excite you all. One of the first actions which has already been passed and is currently awaiting March first is an amendment to the Constitution which makes the amendment process much more difficult. This forces us to rely on individual laws to fill in legal holes. I feel, as some other Executives do, that out political structure is secure and works well enough that we can make the Constitution a solid document instead of a constantly changing one. The Constitution lays out our government and the rights of those under it. This amendment will go into effect on March first so that the Executive Branch can get all of their current planned amendments and small alterations done. This is a large change for the future but certainly not the only one. We are also considering preparing large recruiting efforts with the election of our new Military Representative. He is planning a union march for all of our clans and members to participate in to encourage a community for our populace.

As I said, this will likely be my last State of the Union. I have known I would be of little use to the Triumvirate eventually for some time. The founder, idealist, and creator can only serve their part for so long. I stand by that and I feel this Union can and will grow strong whether I am here or not. The people this Union, particularly our Executive Branch, are good at what they do. Ascencia is renowned for his ability and has thwarted most of our threats singlehandedly. If there was one Executive I could say has saved and guarded this Union the most, at least in a physical way, it would, without a doubt, be him. Agent has been here a long time and his input has always coincided with our values even when many others were against him. Clan leaders such as Nremni and Stavrok have given ideas to evolve our union that even the Executives never would have considered if they hadn’t suggested them. Even those on the outside of the government: political advisors, friends of our officials, and suggestions from those outside the Triumvirate jurisdiction completely have given ideas to the cause. I encourage all of you to continue, step up for this cause and let your voice be heard. There are two I cannot stress enough however, not that they are better than others, but because I have, in a way, brought them up and participated actively in their growth as leaders in the Triumvirate. They have listened and always been kind and honoring of my advice. They have spoken and discussed many things about the future of this Union with me. I can recall the many times the three of us had stayed awake, bouncing back ideas, talking about things on our mind, or just learning from one another. These two Executives, who I believe have been and will be some of the largest future contributors to this Union and our cause: Ehtya and Arnold Ogamon. When I leave office, I can only suggest that one of them takes my role as the Major Executive. But this isn’t about them, it isn’t about me, it is about all of us. When I leave, my ideas will remain, the founding principles of this Union will remain. Justice, Order, and quite possibly the most important of all: Intelligence. For I believe that every failure comes from a lack or misuse of logic. My words are protected and will be forever preserved in my speeches, my actions, our laws, and our Constitution. I know our union will change but I can only hope the ideas I have worked to implant and conserve will live on.

I apologize for the melancholy ending but please look at it as a change for a new beginning. If I may say so myself, this Union is one of my finest projects. I have truly enjoyed participating in its development. I will leave what I can, do what I can, and suggest what I can to provide for the longevity of this Union. Hence with echoing words, impenetrable ideas, and the impending flight, valeat quantum valere potest.

-ゼロウ, Major Executive, Founder

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