Written By: Elliot Neil, Major Executive, Administrative Liaison, Freshman Executive

Released: January 26, 2013

State of the Union IX

Honorable dignitaries of the Executive Branch, mindful representatives of the Administrative Branch, formidable friends of the Union, and righteous citizens of the Triumvirate, 2013 is before us, and as we move on to the fourth year of our union, we will look at where we have come from, but more than that we will look at where we are going. I know the road ahead may be full of questions, scarred by struggles, and overwhelmed by political squabbles, but I am not afraid to face these challenges head on.

You and I are new to each other, which makes you uncomfortable I know, but every single one of us here has a first, and this is a first for all of us. I am the first female Major Executive, I am the first Major Executive who has never met Zerouh, I am the youngest Major Executive in history, and I am the first Major Executive to oversee the new style of government. The new government of committees, of procedure, of motions, and of modern concepts. 2013 has revolutionized the way the Executive Branch conducts business. Older members of the Triumvirate are forced to adapt to this revolution and a truly futuristic style of government is before us. It begins here, now, and it begins with us. The Ogamon era, like the Genesis era before it, is at an end. Will this next era be the Neil era? The Hester era? The Mearl era? What we do here will answer that question.

My predecessor has been the bearer of three major achievements. The first is the founding and fathering of the economy of this nation. The second is the placement of the PEACE Act, and I will promise right now that the PEACE Act will remain the law of the land as long as I am Major Executive. The third achievement, which may have the greatest impact, is the Executive Recruitment Initiative, from which Nathan Maine, Aym Uluto, and myself all originated from. Why do I mention all of this? It's because sometimes we take our predecessors for granted and because people are prone to forget the merits of those replaced. I am proud of these achievements and I owe my placement in the Triumvirate to them. It is now my turn to deliver my own legacy, be it adding dozens of new members, increasing diplomatic relations, or promoting a free economic system. This trimester, my legacy will be government efficiency and defining the revitalized government system that is beginning to emerge. Already, in what is less than one month into this office, I have helped streamline the appointment of people to, and the establishment of, committees; I have created policy to grant my office tools to be more productive such as creating the position of Chief of Staff and allowing me to require committees to review issues I deem important; and I have aided Executives and Administrators alike in planning their agendas for this trimester. By the end of this trimester I want the mantra "an efficient government is an effective government" to be imprinted in the minds of every member of our union. The way we compose laws, the psychology in our government, and the expectations of the people has all changed. We won't be left behind.

Starting in February I will direct my Chief of Staff and myself to speak with each Executive and to create trimester goals for each and every office. The goals may be to draft legislation, recruit new members, work on artwork, or even to host events. At the end of the trimester the Chief of Staff and I will look at how many of their goals different Executives achieved and we will create a score report for every Executive. At that point I will reward the one who was most productive and evaluate what should be done with the least productive. There will be no free riders while I am Major Executive. If you want to be on this branch, you'll do the work for it, and that's final. Later in February I will advise the Executive Branch to examine two significant alterations in the organization of our government. The first will be looking at the benefits of creating a new Executive position, the Head of Resume Services, to have a voice in our branch. I intend to leave the Agency of Resume Services as is, an agency, but make the director an Executive position so that the most important agency is not ignored by our central branch. The second amendment to organization will be allowing the Major Executive to give some of the responsibilities they have with regards to directing unfilled Executive Offices to the Minor Executive. Two hands are better and faster than one, but as the Minor Executive doesn't have the legal authority to aide me in this way, I will request that the Executive Branch consider the option of allowing it.

As we come to March, I want to test and discover the meaning of the Major Executive as the commander-in-chief. To what extent does that role go, and what measure of resources does the Major have command over? It is one of the final discoveries we have yet to make as to the nature of our government, and we will answer that which is unresolved in this trimester. The Triumvirate needs to be ready for an attack of any kind, and for that, our command system needs to be ready. I'm not saying this because I anticipate an attack, but instead because I intend to be staunch and aggressive with anyone, domestic or foreign, who challenges our dominion. We will have the resources to back up our views.

Finally we'll reach April and much of the Triumvirate will be furiously campaigning. April will be where we make the final push in terms of increasing efficiency, economic output, membership, and the closeness of the people. If the people make a point that the activity and processing of the government has not dramatically improved by mid-April, I will completely withdraw my name from any consideration in that election. That is a guarantee.

Just prior to delivering this address I devoted my Chief of Staff to put it into overdrive. From now on, if you don't do what is expected, he will come fix it. If you can't significantly increase your output, he will come fix it. If you refuse to negotiate and to make your voice heard in decisions, he will come fix it. Last but not least, if this government cannot pull it together, I will demand the immediate resignation of anyone who holds us back. Play time is over. This Universal Triumvirate is going to work.

-Elliot Neil, Major Executive, Administrative Liaison, Freshman Executive

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