Written by: Arnold Ogamon, Chief Ambassador, Major Executive, Senior Executive

Released: 6/27/11

Universal Triumvirate State of the Union V

People of the Triumvirate, these are new times upon us. Within mere hours before this State of the Union, our great friend Zerouh retired from the Union. As I’m sure most of you are aware, we are going through some changes. I have been accepted as the next Major Executive, my good friend Agent has been selected as the Minor Executive, and we have lost our partner Zerouh. There is no doubt he will be missed and, at some times, we will look to his knowledge and past insights. That in mind, we must move on. We can’t spend our time wishing for the past, we must spend our time working toward what we will do for the future of the Triumvirate.

I’ll begin as my predecessor Zerouh used to, with the reports. The State Department, still headed by Ehtya, who is now the longest existing member of the Triumvirate, has expanded and is currently in negotiations with a few other clans. After some financial grants from the department of Finance, they are expecting to hire some additional members. The Department of Intelligence is adjusting all of our sites to the new government structure so that Agent and myself can manage them effectively. My department, law, is doing extraordinarily well with the new addition of the TDL Certification. I am expanding the department to hire more government attorneys, legal planners, and court liaisons. I encourage all Triumvirate members, and even those in the international community to seek certification if you are looking for an internationally recognized certification to benefit your legal activities in the larger community. Our great ally, the Empire clan, has already been very supportive of our expanses in international certification services which brings me to this plan, I will be moving for a Head of Services and Education. This new position, if approved, shall head our certification services and public opportunities.

This union has, within a matter of hours, gone through an intense change but we will never forget the past. The legend that Zerouh was and is shall live on. With every loss we must work to make it up so that is exactly what we plan to do. I will not rest until we are stronger and more powerful than we have ever been. I can’t live up to Zerouh so I won’t make the promises only he could make but I will be putting forward new policies and ideas that hopefully should help the Triumvirate in general.

My initiatives will be quick, effective, and well planned. I intend to be a strong leader for this union while it works around the loss of Zerouh. Here are a number of plans I have begun work on and intend to bring to the Triumvirate shortly: First, I will be initiating a doctrine of strict elitism when it comes to electing our officials. We need the best of the best, not anything or anyone less. The people who can provide the best ideas and work to the fullest potential is what we need. We cannot put our trust into any person less than that. This is what Zerouh would have wanted and always insisted in, as he once said, “An intellectual government is a strong one”. The next thing I will attend to is further defining the hints Zerouh has left us for the future. On the night of Zerouh’s departure he told me and everyone else attending his leaving ceremony on the subject of inferences and hints in his documents “[They are] intentional on my part. There are a great deal of them.”. We need to discover what these are so we can see more clearly what he wanted for us after he left. Along that same line I want to attempt to discover more of these hints and subtleties specifically referring to the Major and Minor Executive positions. This way I can better live up to my responsibilities and provide the path for future Major Executives. Last in my order to do for the near future is the creation of more International certifications. The success of TDL Certification has inspired me to support further international exams such as a TDF, TDS, TDI, and TDM certification processes. These things should all have a good heading within the next month or so and after that we can move on to further things.

Following this State of the Union and a few weeks of adjusting everything to the new position changes and administration of the Triumvirate I will table to the Executive Branch a one to two week recess in order to give me some time to set some priorities and build a game plan for the future as well as to give our hard working Executives some well deserved time off. Now that I am in charge of our role on the Wiki I will be familiarizing myself with how things work there, the greater community, and creating new pages. I also want to get Minor Executive Agent involved in a side project that will be released further in the future.

Last I want to give my time here to give a grand thank you to all of you who supported my run for Major Executive and the run of my friend Agent for Minor. I am glad you have chosen us for these roles and we will be there to take your advice and work for you when we can.

Thank you everyone, have a wonderful week, and may we all live up to the legacy of Zerouh.

-Arnold Ogamon, Second Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate, Chief Attorney, Senior Executive

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