Written By: Charles Sessions, Major Executive

Released: September 27, 2015

Members of the Triumvirate, I feel refreshed and I’m feeling good about it. My first term was ups and downs, business and politics, but certainly never boring. We put ourselves out in the world once more, saw the rise of exciting new business ventures, and extensively debated the issues of Majorate power, elitism, and populism.

I’m going to be blunt though: we’re in for some changes, and we’re in for some tough fights. This trimester has started out in a lull and I am determined to see to it that this does not become a repeat of 2014-III and that we see to it that meaningful policy is passed, that we do not lose the gains of the past year, and that we continue in the pursuance of a Union of the few, for the many. There will be moaning, yelling, complaining, and political stunts galore – but that does not mean it is not necessary or right, because it is often the things that are most difficult and cause the most stir that are the most important. There were big fights and plenty of points of points of contention last trimester, there’s always something, but this trimester is one I hope will push buttons and evoke passion more than those before it.

This contention, debate, and passion is exactly what I’d like to call on to consider, pass, and implement what I hope will be not just the most important and fundamental of my own agenda, but greatly important and fundamental to the Triumvirate as well. In my time in this Union, I’ve seen many things and learned both the plights and strengths of this Union, which is how I’ve come to push this new concept. As citizens of the Triumvirate, we must embrace the humble truth of society that, whether rich or poor, old or young, powerful or meager, every person is entitled to equal rights and equal stake in our Union. We must also embrace that this means that each and every one of us, with no exception, must have an equal share in the protection and governance of our society and, just as a military draft should not distinguish on wealth or status, nor can we. We must all pay the price for our society, the same price, and that is why I am excited to announce to you today the Universal Citizenship Charge.

The Universal Citizenship Charge, the UCC, is a simple idea that involves some complicated policy: it is a flat charge that every citizen of the Triumvirate shall pay every eight months. Starting eight months from the day you joined this Union, you’ll pay ten tri which shall afford you eight more months of full citizenship with all rights and privileges, and it will be that simple. If you cannot or do not pay, for the first two months you’ll receive only limited citizenship privileges (inability to access the forum, get certifications, apply for certain programs or government jobs), and you’ll then need to pay fifteen tri to receive a full return. After two months, your citizenship will be revoked. Now, before you throw your hands up and call for my impeachment, there are some points I want to make clear:

  1. First of all, the legislative application of this will be the center of much attention and, through the careful review of the legislative process in both the Executive and Administrative branches, we can guarantee a high level of scrutiny for this to be a practical, effective, and meaningful policy.
  2. Second, this is a small price of five tri per trimester, something that every member from every background must pay.
  3. Third, a citizen could take a loan out from a bank, a friend, or (depending how the legislation pans out) even potentially from the government to pay the charge.
  4. Fourth, I will be making a push to reestablish the minimum wage of no less than eight tri per trimester so that, in conjunction with the government employment guarantee, if you want to work and make enough money to stay here (with a little extra on top), you will never have a chance of not making enough money.
  5. Fifth, and this is one point I want to stress to demonstrate the ease and simplicity of paying this charge, at the current recruitment incentives, if you recruit just one new member a year, you’re making enough money to pay every eight months as you need to.
  6. Sixth, your first eight months with the Union are free and no payment is required, which will allow new members to get their footing.
  7. Last, in the event of an extraordinary circumstance (such as a severe economic depression, war, or significant societal implications), the Executive Branch may waive the charge for all one period at a time. Why solely the Executive Branch? Because it separates the charge from politics and elections while allowing thoughtful consideration of the facts as best as possible.

Now, the UCC will require a constitutional amendment and, believe me, I know that’s not easy, but not great achievement ever has been. But, this will allow the government to afford vital services such as the functioning of the courts so businesses can solve disputes, incentivizing recruitment so that our Union grows, and paying government employees that work to provide for us all in helping manage our Union. There will be some adjustments to the Constitution to make this practical, like changing the restrictions on pay to government officials, likely changing our taxation power, and I hope to achieve compromise in these so that the Universal Citizenship Charge can succeed and bring forward a new era of government revenue, social responsibility, and of a truly Universal Triumvirate where each and every one of us has an equal stake in our Union, just as we all have an equal vote and equal rights.

Though the Universal Citizenship Charge is my prime goal this trimester, the one I’ll be directing most of my personal efforts towards, we cannot ignore the other issues and matters of importance that need to be addressed this trimester, which is why I’ll be coordinating a collective action from the Executive Branch to see to it that we stay on top of what needs to be done. The LEAD Act will help Executives act independently, start setting their own policies relating to their regulatory authority, and simplify the hiring practices so that they can build a staff to their needs. But let me be clear, I will be putting the pressure necessary on individual Executives to see to it they do their jobs, or face the consequences, because there is no excuse anymore for Executives to be slacking. As for my personal second priority is to pass and promote the Permanent Expansion of Aid and Commitment Externally Act of 2015, the PEACE Act of 2015, taking a page from Major Executive Stavrok’s futuristic sights in 2012 and adopting them to meaningful policy in the here and now. This act will seek to create permanent ambassadors, assigned to a particular recognized ally or sovereign state, nominated by the Chief Ambassador and confirmed by the Major Executive. It will create foreign financial commitments and facilitate the easier mechanisms of trade between nations. It will seek to reevaluate the standing of the I2 and create a greater conference wherein the diplomatic leaders of all nations can convene, but not assert. It will open our borders, eliminate trade barriers, simplify the diplomatic process, and put us on the right step for diplomacy in our newfound positions in the international community.

There’s a lot to be done in the next three months, and a lot the groundwork has been set in the last few weeks, but it’s time to kick it into gear, capitalize on what we accomplished in the past, and get our job done: to make the Triumvirate not just a better place, but the best place.

-Charles Sessions, Eighth Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate

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