Supreme Court of the Universal Triumvirate
Composition Five Justices
Tier Third
Purpose Chief court of the Triumvirate, hearing trials involving government branches, foreign parties, or critical cases.
Formed December 19, 2010
Establishing Document Constitution

The Supreme Court of the Universal Triumvirate is one of the most powerful institutions in Triumvirate government. It is the most powerful court, decider of the top disputes, and the court that hears cases against entire government branches. As the first court ever established, it has built up quite a reputation. Many famous cases have been decided by the Supreme Court and its hold and role in Triumvirate politics and government has expanded dramatically. The Supreme Court is composed of five justices, one of whom is the Chief Justice.

Original and Appellate JurisdictionEdit

As the highest court in the Universal Triumvirate, the Supreme Court has the potential to hear every case as cases can be appealed up to the Supreme Court. However, there are some types of cases that the Supreme Court has the authority to hear originally (as the first and last court to hear the case) which is called having "original jurisdiction". Cases to which the Supreme Court has original jurisdiction are named in Article V, Section 1 of the Constitution and include cases "in which a foreign official or an Executive shall be a party" or "in cases between two government officials" or "between a government official and the Universal Triumvirate" or cases "on the charge of treason." In all other cases, the Supreme Court shall have appellate jurisdiction with exceptions that can be made by the passage of law.


The heads of the Supreme Court are, unlike the heads of other courts in the Triumvirate, called justices instead of judges. Sometimes as influential and famous as Executives, justices serve their union as brilliant thinkers who are extremely knowledgeable in law. Though they are meant to be impartial, their political background certainly influences them, so diversity of opinion is critical on the courts. Justices serve until they are forcibly removed or they choose to leave. The current Chief Justice, Esteemi Evantsu, has served on the court since March of 2011.

Current Members of the Supreme Court
Name Portrait Term Began Political Affiliation Previous Experience
Esteeemi Evantsu

(Chief Justice)

Esteemi Portrait March 2, 2011 Establishment Aide to Major Executive Zerouh; Justice on the Supreme Court (3/2/11 - 1/16/12)
Adelyn Ewart Adelyn Ewart February 24, 2015 Cosmopolitan Founder of Investment Industries company; Founder of the Cosmopolitan Party
Satine Ehtya Satine Ehtya April 20, 2015 Union Head of Naturalization (10/2/13 - 4/9/14)
Leonard Misset Leonard Misset September 15, 2015 Cosmopolitan Justice on the Supreme Court, Administrator

Past JusticesEdit

Justices in bold are currently in office. Justices in green have served as the Chief Justice.

  • Stavrok (12/20/10 → 1/16/12) [Left office to rejoin the Executive Branch]
  • Trojan War (12/22/10 → 1/23/11) [Trojan was revealed to be Red Dog31, an executive, and was removed. No cases heard]
  • Anz33 (1/30/11 → 3/22/11) [No cases heard, extensive absence]
  • Esteemi Evantsu (3/2/11 → Present)
  • Hik10er (3/3/11 → 3/23/13)
  • Theodore Crown (4/7/12 → 1/3/12) [Left office to become Chief of Staff to Major Executive Elliot Neil]
  • Leonard Misset (2/10/14 → 8/31/14)
  • Ronald Afferson (1/27/15 → 9/7/15)
  • Adelyn Ewart (2/24/15 → 1/23/16) Removed during the Winter Attacks due to inactivity.
  • Satine Ehtya (4/20/15 → 1/23/16) Removed during the Winter Attacks due to inactivity.
  • Leonard Misset (9/15/15 → 1/23/16) Removed during the Winter Attacks due to inactivity.

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