You can use this page to file for bankruptcy in the Triumvirate economic system. You are required to file for bankruptcy if you have no Tri and owe a sum to a party or multiple parties.

The Basics

There are three types of bankruptcy in the Triumvirate: Class A, Class B, and Class C. Each of them might be preferable for varying situations. If you ever end up in bankruptcy, it will appear on your resume.

Class A Bankruptcy

Class A bankruptcy is considered the most risky type to apply for. If you file for Class A, you will have two months to make all payments to any parties you habe debts to, but an additional 10% must be paid to each party. If you fail to make all payments within this amount of time, all remaining payments must be paid within another two months, but 25% of the original you owed them is added. If you fail to make the payments within these four months, you will be taken to criminal court within the Triumvirate. The court will not be able to fine you for failing to pay your debts, but they will be able to sentence you to extensive service.

Class B Bankruptcy

Class B bankruptcy is probably the least risky form of bankruptcy to file for, but it also severely weighs down your financial opportunity. If you file for Class B bankruptcy, you will be unable to participate in any part of the Triumvirate economic system for six months. This includes buying goods and recieving Tri. All property rights within the Triumvirate are then released to the Triumvirate government, you will no longer hold the rights to this property.

Class C Bankruptcy

Class C bankruptcy involves the courts deciding on how your bankruptcy shall be handled, so the outcome is unpredictable. If you file for a Class C bankruptcy, you will have to go in front of a Triumvirate civil court and the court, the Department of Commerce, and you, will have to work out an agreement as to how all debts can be paid (with at least a 5% increase in payment), or or how you can do a service to repay your debts. The court has the final decision on what the outcome is. This type of bankruptcy can result in more complex methods for resolving your debts but is also less risky then Class A and usually less consuming then Class B.


File for bankruptcy below. Please use this format to do so:

===Class "type of bankruptcy" Filing: "Your name"===
*Account: "TID number or IOF/TFF/TFIF number"
*Parties Tri are owed to: "List of parties separated by commas along with the amount of Tri owed to each. 
Ex. Department of the Treasury (20), Ehtya (8), Esteemi (5)"
*Email: "Email we can contact you at"
*Details: "Any details or information you feel should be noted"

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