This is a page ran by the Department of Commerce, solely to inform the public on investment oppertunities, economic advice, and money making tips. This page is updated weekly on Wednesday. This is available to the public for no cost, and strives to make the public better economically educated and to ensure economic stability.



This is the first post ever made by TDC regarding Economics Today. This week, we will be looking forwards to Corporate Corporation going public, but it is still unknown for how many Tri each share will be going for. This is a potential way to make a killing, and is one of the best ways to make money within the Triumvirate, no matter how poor or rich you are. Another, more needed way of money making is to recruit. You get 20 Tri per recruit, and we desperately need them. Afterall, a union is only as great as the members it holds. It never hurts to ask, and you may even get a major payment if you strike gold with a active recruit with connections.

This week, we also saw Andrew Hester's Government Contract passed through the Executive Branch, in which the government would loan money to CC to make earnings through a process called Merchanting on Runescape. This is interesting in the current position, and we may even see Runescape investments into CC rise. "Out of my personal experiences with CC and the way they handle your investments, this is a safe and smart move." - Lanclot Rice. 

Now, in the current state the economy is in due to fluctuations resulting of the pass of the ESIIA, we cannot forsee and real economic rise or decline, the way that TDC predicts things, it will eventually even out and we may even see a rise on the TTI. 

Thats all for this week, check in again next week for Economics Today updates!

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