Post all transaction checks here. If you are starting a new one, put it at the bottom to indicate recency, or it may not be valid. At the end of each week, the previous page of transactions will be archived and the total money possessed by all accounts and persons under the Triumvirate will be listed at the top of this page in the section titled "Account Balances". The section titled "Transaction Documentation" is where you should post checks.

Government spending should be made on this sheet and also documented on this page: TDT:Government Spending Records. To view historical records of past transactions, pages can be found in the following locations: Transaction records up to the end of 2013, Transaction records of 2014, Transaction records of 2015 and Transaction records of 2016.

Transaction Check TemplateEdit

|Date                                     = 
|Contributing Party                       = 
|Receiving Party                          = 
|Amount                                   = 
|C. Pre                                   = 
|C. Post                                  = 
|R. Pre                                   = 
|R. Post                                  = 
|For                                      = 

Account BalancesEdit

The Account Balances as of February 22, 2016 are:

  • Lancelot Rice, CDN 1:∇0
  • Vulpes Arenas, CDN 2:∇0
  • Shimon Stern, CDN 3: ∇0

  • Progressive Party, IOF 0: ∇0
  • Establishment Party, IOF 1: ∇0
  • Union Party, IOF 2: ∇0
  • Futures PAC, IOF 5: ∇0
  • Loquntia, TFIF 0: ∇0
  • Triumvirate Government/Department of the Treasury: ∇5,000
  • Office of the Head of the Treasury: ∇0
  • Department of Naturalization: ∇0
  • Office of the Major Executive: ∇0
  • Office of the Speaker of the Administration: ∇0
  • Department of Commerce: ∇0
  • Department of State: ∇0
  • Department of Intelligence: ∇0
  • Department of Justice: ∇0
  • Department of Media: ∇0
  • Department of Education: ∇0
  • Department of the Archive: ∇0
  • Union Academy: ∇0

Transaction DocumentationEdit

Be sure to check the last balance of yourself and whomever you are making transaction with!

DATE: 2.21.16
Contributing Party: Department of the Treasury Receiving Party: Futures PAC
Amount: ∇300
Department of the Treasury Pre: ∇6,229 − Amount = Department of the Treasury Post: ∇5,929
Futures PAC Pre: ∇0 + Amount = Futures PAC Post: ∇300
For: Loan for a political action committee

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