All wanted individuals should be listed on this page so that they can be monitored and managed.


  • Name: Name, title, and description of the wanted individual.
  • Priority: 1-5, 5 being top priority and threat level, 1 being low priority.
  • Charges: What they are wanted for
  • Information: Related information
  • File Status:
  1. Active: Criminal is wanted at the moment,
  2. On Hold: Wanted status is temporarily on hold.
  3. Retired: If no leads have come up within one year, unless in an extraordinary circumstance, the wanted status is considered retired. This means attention towards the criminal should be diverted elsewhere.

What Can I Do?Edit

If you are wanted it means that you have refused to stand trial in court or failed to fulfill your sentence, it is critical you get into contact with the Department of Justice so that you can make right whatever has gone wrong, as it is possible it was due to an error on our part.

Wanted ListEdit


  • Fourth Priority - RETIRED
  • Release of confidential information, hacking, infiltration, threats against the Triumvirate.
  • PHANTOM attained and published confidential information of the Triumvirate which he received from several largely unknown methods, one of which was hacking into an Executive's e-mail. He disappeared in late 2010, never to be heard from again but is a suspect in several security scare situations.


  • Fourth Priority - RETIRED
  • Infiltration, espionage, attacking the Triumvirate, release of confidential information, treason, inciting against the Triumvirate, threats against the Triumvirate, failure to comply with court sentencing.
  • Elected as Head of Media during the Army of Saradomin Cold War, promptly released confidential information to several groups inciting others to invade the confidential Executive Branch site resulting in the attack on the site. He stood trial in Triumvirate court but quickly turned against the courts and abused his rights within the court system and disappeared.

King AeraesEdit

  • Third Priority - ON HOLD
  • Opponent of Justice, attacking the Triumvirate, infiltration, abuse of wiki property, threats against the Triumvirate, release of confidential information, inciting against the Triumvirate.
  • Chief opponent during the Army of Saradomin Cold War. Involved in the attack on the Executive Branch site.

XK MalakiiEdit

  • Second Priority - RETIRED
  • Release of confidential information, infiltration.
  • Involved in the attack on the Executive Branch site.


  • Third Priority - ACTIVE
  • Withholding relevant information pertaining to himself, Violating terms of agreement to citizenship, Acting as a false persona, Attempting to infiltrate the Executive and Administrative Branches of government as a false persona, Avoiding Court
  • Attempting to subvert the Triumvirate government, he posed as an alternative persona and failed to appear in court to stand trial.

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