The Department of Naturalization manages recruitment incentives, recruitment claims, and total recruits via this page. All Triumvirate citizens have access to the Recruitment Incentives Program (set up by the 2013-II Economic Stimulus and Infrastructure Investment Act, which pays them ∇25 (∇15 to the recruiter, ∇10 to the new recruit) for each recruit, and, if they've recruited five members, receive ∇25 to the recruiter (for a total of ∇100 for five recruits to the recruiter).

Recruiting Claims

Post your personal recruiting claims here, with your name and your recruit's names along with the date they were recruited. Recruits must be legitimate, authentic, completely new, and actual.

Claims should only be removed by TDN once they have been paid.


  • "My Name": "My recruit(s)", "Date Recruited"

Recruiting Records

Name TID Number Total Names of Those Recruited (20 tri) Names of Those Recruited (25 tri - 15 to recruiter, 10 to recruit) Names of Those Recruited (30 tri) Names of Those Recruited (35 tri) Notes
Ehtya 2 3 Mitchell Carrick, Satine Ehtya, Joseph Hirsch
Spencer Kaye 29 12 Davidson Bock, Tom Dugan Max Kramer Gavin Wooten, Calle Wilkins, Robert Aserov, Jacob Hefner, George Lincoln, Riley Chester, Nicholas Romanov, Alexander Beauregard, Mitchell Darnell, Allan Frankland, Greg Bailey
Lanclot Rice 30 5 Darke Durkins, Adam Elwadia, Benjamin Steelflex, Brandon Parker, Rorick Opallus
Edward Stenbach 33 2 Leonard Misset, John Brayer
Ryan Bleitze 31 1 Ronald Afferson
John Brayer 44 3 Allison Braugh, Clark McDearny, Luke Cannon
Jackson Mearl 19 1 Liliaku Airth
Nathan Maine 23 2 Yugi Templeton Fenner Plecrov
Satine Ehtya 48 1 Bradford Durand
Clark McDearny 49 3 Thomas Crick, Lucius Magnus, Isaac Brenner
Prime Personnel IOF 15 6 Robert Osman* Charles Sessions*, Adelyn Ewart*, Howard Coleson* Emanuel Curesse*, Pevolt Levici*
United Trade Company IOF 16 5 Chase Reynolds*, Warren Murray*, Vulpes Arenas*, Michael Ryan*, Kari Devux*
Vulpes Arenas 67 1 Tristan Launch
Aaron Ehtya 32 1 Pierce Ehtya

* Indicates that they were recruited as part of a private recruitment business with recruitment incentives used as a subsidy for recruitment (as in, more than the incentive was used to pay for the recruit).

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