10 U.T.C. gives the Department of State the responsibility of maintaining information as to other states that are recognized by the Triumvirate as sovereign. For a state to be considered sovereign, it must meet several criteria at a minimum:

  1. It must have at least three members and some system of membership.
  2. It must have a sovereign government characterized by:
    1. Holding some degree of authority over or representation of citizens, enough that the government, or some element thereof, can justify speaking for the collective.
    2. Being able to exert or is actively exerting policy or rules on the collective.
  3. It must be reasonably based as one with intent to recognize that there are other states and factions like them.
  4. It cannot possess a strictly real-world commercial interest.
  5. It must maintain some element of exclusive jurisdiction (e.g. a website)
  6. It must exists for the purpose of entertainment, community, security, control, and/or education.

With that in consideration, the Department of State has established the following list of all sovereign states that meet the criteria. If your state is not listed, it may very well meet all criteria, but the Department of State may simply be unaware of it. You are welcome to contact the Chief Ambassador to get your state added.

Levels of RecognitionEdit

Neutral: A state who has no affiliation, positive or negative, with the Triumvirate.

Allied: A state which must have, at a minimum, a formal agreement of no hostilities (cease fire). The range of different levels of allied states is large, everything between minimum agreement (formal no hostilities) to permanent treaties, mutual defense, anti-espionage agreements, etc. A key difference between an allied and a neutral state is that allied states have all at least gone through some part of the diplomatic process (a formal agreement). Qualifiers for being allied include:

  • Permanent treaty
  • Mutual defense
  • Economic cooperation (freedom of business and trade)
  • Mutual extradition, enforcement of jurisdiction
  • Non-espionage agreement
  • Agreement to the International Rules of Conflict
  • Member of the I2
  • Democratic or republican state (not monarchical or totalitarian)
  • Mutual enemy (whether in documentation or not)
  • Permanent ambassador (not necessarily mutual).

These qualifiers are used to designate what level of allied a state is:

  1.         A permanent treaty, mutual defense. At least three more qualifiers.
  2.         A permanent treaty, mutual defense. At least one more qualifier.
  3.         3+ qualifiers
  4.         1-2 qualifiers
  5.         Bare minimum (no hostilities), nothing else

Hostile: A hostile state is one which is unfriendly to the Union, in that it seeks to harm or enter into conflict with the Triumvirate.

  1.         Active war, dangerous and threatening. Poses a risk to Triumvirate citizens and interests.
  2.         No permanent state of conflict, but they are hostile and opportunistic strikes against the Triumvirate is probable.
  3.         Hostile, bust mostly on paper. They are not friendly to the Triumvirate but will not go out of their way to harm the Union.

Documentation of All Recognized Sovereign StatesEdit

State Diplomatic Trigram Status Flag Documentation Website Government Recognized
The Occidental Coalition OCC Allied 1 Occidental Coalition Occidental Coalition Treaty Presidential 7.25.13, CAm. Mearl
Pania PAN Allied 3 Flag of Pania Treaty of Ten Presidential 1.18.14, CAm. Mearl
The Kingdom of Eslarvia Allied 5 Flag of Eslarvia Democratic monarchy 3.26.14, CAm. Mearl
Nuvuer NUV Allied 4 Flag of Nuvuer Treaty of Ten 4.10.14, Major Executive Maine (emergency recognition)
Neo Desolare DES Allied 4 Flag of Neo Desolare Treaty of Ten Currently under Triumvirate oversight 4.30.14, Major Executive Maine (emergency recognition)
Kingdom of Loquntia LOQ Allied 4 Flag of the Kingdom of Loquntia Constitutional monarchy 8.15.15, Acting CAm. Stenbach / Major Executive Sessions

Dissolved or Inactive Sovereign StatesEdit

State Status Flag Documentation Website Government Recognized
Desolare (Dissolved, Reformed into Neo Desolare) Formerly Hostile 1 Flag of Desolare Declaration of War Against Desolare Totalitarian federalism 4.30.14 CAm. Mearl
La France Allied 5 La france 249902 Constitutional monarchy 9.7.14, Dep. CAm. Bailey
Yokai Allied 5 Flag of Yokai Constitutional monarchy 9.27.14, CAm. Bailey
Kid United Republic 4 Presidential republic
Mcarthia Pending Pending
Flag of the Republic of Mcarthia Presidential


9.23.15 CAm. Eden
Empire of Paravia Allied 4
Flag of Paravia Semi Democratic Absolute Hereditary Monarchy 10.2.15

CAm. Eden

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