As required by the WEB Act, the Department of State is required to keep a site registry of all public sites the Triumvirate has presence on and post advisories for sites that are potentially dangerous to Triumvirate citizens. You can contact the Chief Ambassador if you have questions about any information posted here, want advice, or would like to discuss your plans abroad.

Sites With Triumvirate PresenceEdit

If a site is marked as Absolute, it means the Triumvirate has absolute authority on the site, it is a Triumvirate site in full. If it is marked as Vibrant, then the Triumvirate has significant presence there but is not in ownership of the site itself. Limited means the Triumvirate still has a presence on the site, but it is very minor, likely just a small enclave for minor purposes. Challenged indicates a site where the Triumvirate authority on the site (likely a site previous with Absolute or Vibrant classification) is under attack, or one where the Triumvirate is making actions to secure the site for itself, these should be avoided generally. Commercial distinction is for sites where there is solely a private sector connection for international business. If a site is marked as having Diplomatic authority, it means that the Triumvirate only maintains diplomatic connections there, likely just a single diplomat due to an alliance. Finally, if a site is marked as having None in terms of authority, it means that there is no Triumvirate presence whatsoever. If a site is not listed below, it is assumed it is a distinction of None.

Site Status Notes Absolute Central site of the Triumvirate Diplomatic Site serving as a point of contact for numerous other states Diplomatic Account created for diplomatic mission to La France

Dangerous SitesEdit

The Department of State also posts advisories on sites that are dangerous or potentially risky to Triumvirate citizens due to political, societal, or military reasons. Only sites that are dangerous to Triumvirate members specifically will be included (we do not post advisories on sites that are considered generally dangerous to the Internet community or individual browsers, keep in mind many sites can be dangerous to anyone browsing the Internet and to be careful about sites you are unfamiliar with). Risk level of 0-5 (0 is no risk, which won't be included on this list; 5 indicates extremely risky and dangerous for Triumvirate citizens) is indicated as well.

Site Risk Level Notes

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