The Department of the Treasury has the ability to sell government issue bonds to the Triumvirate population, businesses and foreign individuals and businesses, at a rate of 2% to 20% for the term of the bond's maturity rate. To see a current list of who owns bonds, go to the TDT:Current Bond Ownership page.

Current Bond SeriesEdit

Pressently, there is only one type of series bond authorized by the Triumvirate government that the Treasury may issue:

Bond Series Face Value Amount Amount Left Length of Return Creation Date Dissolve Date Notes
A-000 (See Notes) 20 Bonds 0 Bonds Six months July 1, 2013 None Treasury determined interest rate of 2% - 20%, sold at a permanent price of ∇50, interest determines return amount.
B-000 50 Up to debt limit Up to debt limit Six months December 5, 2013 None
C-000 50 Up to debt limit Up to debt limit Eight Months February 25, 2015 None


  • Bond Series is the type of bond. Some bond series may have a general purpose such as raising long-term revenue or maintaining a stable monetary climate for the economy with little to no real government intervention, while others may have a specific purpose like raising short-term revenue so as to handle a crisis. Each individual bond is represented by the numbers following the series letter. (I.e. Series A Bond, #001 would be a member of the A-000 series of bonds, it would be the first one sold)
  • Face Value is the amount the bond is worth on its return date.
  • Amount is the total amount of those kinds of bonds allowed to be sold by the Treasury.
  • Amount Left is the total amount of those kinds of bonds that can still be sold by the Treasury.
  • Length of Return is the amount of time, after the original purchase date, that the bond is ready to be returned and the consumer may receive the bond price and the interest back.
  • Creation Date is the time when the bonds are first allowed to be sold by the Treasury.
  • Dissolve Date is the time when the bonds are no longer allowed to be sold by the Treasury should the amount either be unlimited or not have been reached yet.

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