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This page is maintained by the Department of the Treasury and its head, the Head of the Treasury to show approximate values of foreign currency. Note: the true value of a currency comes from when a transaction takes place, these figures are the approximate value.

Determining ValueEdit

(Under evaluation) The current method used by the Treasury to determine the value of a currency to the Tri is the equation: value = total foreign currency / total tri


If John Doe in the past completed a transaction that stated that he bought 2,000,000 RuneScape Gold Coins for ∇10 2,000,000/10=200,000 which means ∇1 is approximately equal to 200,000 RSGP.

However, if Jane Doe just completed a transaction that stated that she sold 2,500,000 RSGP for ∇10 (2,000,000+2,500,000)/(10+10) = 225,000 which means ∇1 is approximately valued at 225,000.

Foreign CurrenciesEdit

Foreign Currency Abbreviation Origin Tri held Tri Value Treasury Reserves Percentage Tradable Treasury Level Asset value Gathered by the Treasury
RuneScape Gold Coin RSGP ∇320.87 200,000 50,000,000 100% 14,173,753 20,895,115 Yes
Interstellar Kredit ISK ∇0 5,000,000 0 0% 0 0 No
Gold Coin Gold World of Warcraft N/a ∇0 0 0% 0 0 No


If there is a foreign currency you would like added, just contact the Head of the Treasury, Andrew Hester, at

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