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This page is maintained by the Department of the Treasury and its head, the Head of the Treasury to outline the goals and plans for the department. Direct all inquires towards current Head of the Treasury, Andrew Hester and


All plans set forth on this page are arranged in order of precedence by the Treasury. Potential outcomes are also listed in order of likelihood the Treasury predicts will occur with the first listed outcome being the most likely to happen. Anything in bold and if stated the objective is 'Finished' or 'Complete' has been finished and will remain on the page until the end of the trimester, to be put on a trimester Treasury activities report for the next trimester.


Hours put inEdit

Head of the Treasury Hester will spend the week from August 14 to August 20 11:59 PM examining how many hours were put into running the Treasury and general Triumvirate duties. Due to a question by the Administration Branch and will be given to the Speaker of the Administration, Luke Cannon, if the Administrative questioning ends before the week is up. Finished

Durand V. HesterEdit

Main Article: Durand v. Hester

The Treasury is to keep a close eye on the outcome of Durand V. Hester in the Supreme Court. The objective of the plaintiff, Durand (represented by Harrison Mearl of First Nation Consulting, is the removal of the corporate savings tax. The following shall be the Treasury's response towards the various outcomes of the case:

  1. If 17 UTC §4. Corporate Savings Tax is deemed unconstitutional and is the only section removed via a Supreme Court Ruling, the Treasury is to propose reimplementation of the Corporate Income Tax. In progress
  2. If the entirety of the Brayer-Braugh Act is struck down, the Treasury will proceed with standard tax collection and begin data collection on taxable incomes.
  3. If the Brayer-Braugh Act is deemed constitutional, the Treasury is to work with the Department of Justice and Chief Attorney with regards to the legal actions that are to be taken with the new tax system.

Bond IssuanceEdit

The Treasury shall issue bonds effective August 8, 2015 and is to pursue the lowest price as possible with bids being placed by individuals who can afford Series-B bonds in order to fund the budget of the next trimester. Bidding to end on Friday August 14, 2015 at 11:59 PM. August 15, those who made successful bids were informed as such and instructed the bonds would be sold to them upon receiving their transactions. Finished

Report CompilationEdit

The Treasury is to undertake a systematic undertaking of producing as many reports as it is able to. With the following being required before the end of the Trimester:

  1. Transaction Report of 2012-I/II - 100% Complete
  2. Transaction Report of 2012-III - 100% Complete
  3. Transaction Report of 2013-I - 100% Complete
  4. Transaction Report of 2013-II - 100% Complete
  5. Transaction Report of 2013-III - 100% Complete

The reports listed above will be utilized in the compilation of requested projection report request number two and archived for future use to be analyzed. Reports will include transactions, number of transactions, total amounts of transactions by civil and public entities and all and more to be expected. Finished


After Trimester Report CompilationEdit

The Treasury is to work on an after trimester report for the 2015-II trimester, explaining actions it undertook and why said actions were done.

Check accuracy of Treasury pagesEdit

The Treasury is to check each and every one of its wiki pages and make the necessary edits to ensure they are accurate.

Bond IssuanceEdit

Depending on the results of Durand v. Hester, bond issuance will be a high probability by September to early October to pay off outstanding bonds that are set to mature on October 25.

Treasury Expansion ActEdit

Due to time constraints in the 2015-II trimester almost over, the Treasury will push for its expansion act in the next trimester. The aims of the act are to grant the Treasury agencies with which for it to operate, in keeping with the Stenbach-Sessions plan and demands from the Treasury, the act calls for agencies to be created either when sufficient membership is achieved or at certain times in the future.

Report CompilationEdit

The Treasury is to finish producing transaction reports. With the following to be completed:

  1. Transaction Report of 2014-I - 100% Complete, ahead of schedule.
  2. Transaction Report of 2014-II
  3. Transaction Report of 2014-III
  4. Transaction Report of 2015-I
  5. Transaction Report of 2015-II

Independent Cost of Naturalization ReportEdit

The Treasury will endeavor to seek out all relevant information pertaining to citizenship starting with the first citizen recruited to analysis the difference between those recruited using private institutions such as Prime Personnel verses those recruited by the Department of Naturalization. This report will be independent from that of the Department of Naturalization and any public research businesses to ensure neutrality as well gauge if the Treasury's stance on which form of recruiting would best serve the Triumvirate.

Dr. Stenbach's Projection ReportEdit

The report, requested by then Major Executive Stenbach, is to be completed no later than the third trimester of 2015 upon the completion of the needed statistics of previous reports to accurately project the state of the Triumvirate and it's economy by 2021 (1 year added to the original).

Unspecific timesEdit

These plans are general ideas that the Treasury will pursue that have no real time time table.

Expanding the Economy and Membership RetentionEdit

The Treasury will work closely with the Departments of Commerce and Naturalization towards ways they can expand membership and retention while expanding the economy. Both are tied to the other and if a way can be found to foster growth in both, it will be pursued by the Treasury.

New Transaction SystemEdit

The Treasury will be actively searching for a means of improving the current Transaction system. Replacing the current wiki based system with that of a programmed system linked to the main site of the Triumvirate. As activity increases, so will transactions, it best serves the public if there is a transaction system where two people can engage in a transaction at the same time without harming the other, something the current system won't allow (even if the wiki page says an update was done before someone else makes their edit, the risk of someone ignoring the error message is too high). This new system however, is to be open to the public just like the current system.

Department of the Treasury

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