Polls Conducted by the Triumvirate Research Institution, a subsidiary of the Triumvirate Media Corporation Edit

Survey One - Government Poll Edit

Topic: Government

Questions: 8

Sample Size: 15

Duration: 2 Days (Thursday, Feb. 26 to Saturday, Feb. 28)

Q1: Do you approve of Stenbach as Major Executive? R: 87 Percent Approval Rating

Q2: Do you approve of Minor Executive Charles Sessions? R: 86 Percent Approval Rating

Q3: Overall, do you approve of the Executive Branch this Trimester? R: 71 Percent Approval Rating

Q4: Do you approve of current Speaker Luke Cannon? R: 89 Percent Approval Rating

Q5: Do you approve of current Deputy Speaker John Brayer? R: 62 Percent Approval Rating

Q6: Overall, do you approve of the Administrative Branch this Trimester? R: Omitted

Q7: Who is your favorite and least favorite politician? Favorite: Luke Cannon- Least Favorite: Harrison Mearl

Survey Two - Taxes, Transparency and Happiness Edit

Topic: Government and Taxes

Questions: 10*

Sample Size: 15

Duration: 2 weeks (March 22nd - April 4th)

Q1: Do you support an Income Tax of below 10% on individuals? R: 60% Yes, 26% No, 13% No Opinion

Q2: Do you support a Corporation Tax? (Of below 10%) R: 66% Yes, 20% No, 13% No Opinion

Q3: Do you think the Triumvirate should be able to put itself into debt? R: 86% Yes, 6% No, 6% Other

Q4: Do you support the treasury gathering non-tri currencies? R: 80% Yes, 13% No, 6% No Opinion

Q5: Do you support Senator positions in the government? (At the current level of 2) R: Inquire for responses

Q6: Would you prefer tabled bills be made public? R: 26% Yes in Admin, 33% Yes in Both, 40% No to Both

Q7: Would you prefer votes on tabled bills be made public? R: 20% Yes in Admin, 26% Yes in Both, 46% No to Both, 6% No Opinion

Q8: On a scale of 1-10, please rate your overall happiness with the government R: Inquire for responses

Q9: How can the government improve? R: Inquire for responses

Q10: How can citizens get more involved with the government and/or business sector? R: Inquire for responses

*Some responses may have been omitted due to vast amount of answers

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