Triumvirate Research Institution
"Predicting the future"
IOF/Business Overview
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IOF Number
Founded February 27th, 2015 by Henry Gobar
Industry Media
Owned By Eden Publishing
CEO Henry Gobar
Employees One
Market Overview
Ticker TMC

TRI and You Edit

TRI, being a subsidiary of Eden Publishing, has its core focus to help the consumer as best as possible. Anything is possible when you know the future, and TRI not only gives you results, it analyzes these results and shows you WHY something is happening and HOW it can be improved. From Governments to the Working Joe, you can trust TRI to bring results.

Products & Prices Edit

TRI has one product: Research. TRI will conduct various surveys in addition to researching current trends in the economy, political spectrum and social climate. Individuals may choose two options for these: One version of the Survey is R1, all results become publicly available. The other is R2, with all results remaining private. The final prices may vary depending on the length of the research project. Contact us at for more information

TRI/TMC Surveys Conducted

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