The Empire Clan
The Empire Clan
Clan Leadership
Emperor/Founder Emperor Hester
Emperor's Email
Head of State Emperor Hester
Head of Government Grand Vizier
Executor/Executrix Vacant
Royals None
Council of Moffs None
Inner Circle None
Government Information
Type of Government Constitutional Authoritarian Monarchy
Constitution Under Revision
Executive Branch Inner Circle
Legislative Branch Imperial High Command
Judicial Branch Supreme Court
  • Central Government
  • World Government
  • Ministry of Industry
  • Imperial Military
  • Imperial Intelligence
  • Imperial Security Bureau
  • Economy Information
    Emperor's Value 1,230,000 RSGP
    Ministry of Industry Value 0
    Nationalized Businesses
  • Imperial Smelting
  • Imperial Foods
  • Imperial Mining
  • Imperial Logging
  • Bank Value 0
    Total Stock Value 0
    Most Valuable Stock None
    Safe Money 1,000
    Number of Ministry Personal 1 (Emperor Hester/Temp)
    Military Information
    Commander-in-Chief Emperor Hester
    Supreme Commander Vacant
    High Command Staff None
    Number of Military Personal 1
  • First Imperial Legion
  • Social Information
    Capital Varrock
    Clan Population 2
    Website Undecided
    Clan Colors
  • Black
  • Red
  • White
  • Demonym Imperial

    The Empire was founded on July 4th, 2010 by Emperor Hester and Darthmoon33, most notibly, and around 100 other players from the clan the United States of Runescape.


    The Empire can trace it's origins in the clan The United States of Runescape which was split up into eight (8) States on free-to-play worlds and approximately eighteen to twenty more on pay-to-play worlds. With a Federal presidential Constitutional Republic. In retrospect, it was the Runescape version of the United States of America, with a Executive Branch with a President, Vice-President and the Presidential Cabnet, with a Congress with two houses, a Supreme Court and clan members registered every two months which State they were apart of for the Congress's House of Representatives elections. Though there is no official record of this clan, it has long since either collapsed or reformed into the now clan The Empire before the discovery of the RS Clan Wiki and members (with exception of Emperor Hester and Darthmoon33 who can still be reached via email on occasion though rarely) have long since either quit Runescape or have gone in-active (form of quitting).

    United States of Runescape PresidentEdit

    The President of the United States of Runescape was a position similar to that of the United States of America President differences being that instead of four years in office one was elected for four months. The last known president was Emperor Hester, then named President Hester.

    United States of Runescape CongressEdit

    The Congress of the United States of Runescape was similar to the United States of America Congress except the Senators were elected every six months. While Representatives were elected every two months.

    United States of Runescape Supreme CourtEdit

    The Supreme Court of the United States of Runescape was similar to the United States of America Supreme Court in every way with Justices serving life in office unless removed.



    Much of the history before Emperor Hester was running for President isn't known, as stated due to everyone either quitting RS or going in-active after awhile. But what is known that Hester was the 25th President in the clan's six-year History in several heated debates for the Presidency for the United States of Runescape, his chief opponent was Industryboy, Secretary of the Treasury, over the clan's economy and finances and especially the clan's military;

    • Hester's predecessor's Presidency, Fight fate50, was defined by four wars with three being at the same time and had used vast amounts of money and resources that nearly bleed the clan dry of all money, food and materials to continue fighting over territory on Player vs Player (PvP) worlds to defend and later expand the clan's territories for more states and more members through merges. The wars only came to an end by political manovouring by Hester to insight the three enemies to get them to fight each other or at least get them distracted enough for the clan to have time to prepare. At which point they all agreed to one last battle, winner takes all members and territory. The United States of Runescape won and reached it's peak of almost 200 members.
      • Hester joined around the time of the first war's end which resulted in a draw. He served as a Sergeant in the Army till he was requested to work for the Department of Industry to make food for the war effort by the time the second and third wars happened within a few days of each other, due to his already high cooking level.
      • Industryboy, was the Secretary of the Treasury, which oversaw the Industry as well. Kept the clan from going bankrupt on several occasions and pushed the limits of how many resources could be gathered and used for wars against other clans.
      • After the wars' ends, Fight Fate50 started bashing, name calling and other rule breaking that she had her stats reset by the game admins, which later sealed her fate for reelection.

    Presidential DebatesEdit

    The presidential debates started on the first of December, exactly three month's after, at the time, President Fight Fate50's swearing in (on September 1st, 2009). Fight Fate50 chose not to run for reelection due to her bashing the loosing clan's from the now named Three front wars and the resulting game admins wiping her account's stats from their various levels back down to 1. The top contenders for the Presidency were; Industryboy, Hester, Meandude567, Darthmoon33 and Farmgirl302.

    • Industryboy- First joined the United States of Runescape about two to three years before these debates, former Secretary of the Treasury to numerous Presidents. Industryboy's main campaign slogan was that he would rebuild the clan's wealth and expand it's trading with other clans and to the grand exchange. Along with cutting the clan's Army in half to save on the buying of equipment and supplies. He and Hester shared a strong rivalry from when Hester joined.
    • Hester - Joined the Empire around two months before the debates. Hester's min campaign slogan was that he work not only rebuild the clan's wealth but that would also work to make the members who joined the Empire after their clans' defeats just days earlier, a point that all but three of the Presidential Candidates never mention.
    • Meandude567- Joined months before Hester, a respected Captain in the United States of Runescape's Army with two major victories to his credit. Meandude567's campaign slogan was that he would rebuild the clan's military, using the clan members from the three defeated clans who merged into the clan, then expand the clan's territories.
    • Darthmoon33(Commonly referred to as Serena)- Joined the United States of Runescape around the same time as Industryboy, serving as a General within the clan's Army. Darthmoon33's campaign slogan was to rebuild the clan's army and economy using the new members from the merged clans.
    • Farmgirl302- Farmgirl's join date is currently unknown, what is known was that she was Industryboy's chief in farming operations which gathered all the food for the clan during the wars, and a former congresswoman in the Senate. Farmgirl302's slogan was that she would rebuild the clan's farming output to levels never before seen, then to have the food processed to help rebuild the economy.

    After the first few days into the debates the first poll marked that 25% would vote for Industry boy, and Darthmoon33, 21% would vote for both Mean dude567 and just 4% would vote for Farmgirl302. With those numbers Farmgirl302 dropped out and gave her support towards Industryboy.

    The next poll, a week later, would show that 33% would vote for Hester and Industryboy, with 24% going to Darthmoon33 and 10% going to Meandude567. Both Meandude567 and Darthmoon33 dropped out, darthmoon33 giving her support for Hester, while Meandude567 put his support towards Industryboy.

    However, for the last poll, right before the election week, would would show Industryboy and Hester equal with exactly 50% each.

    Presidential ElectionsEdit

    The presidential elections week started off like all the previous elections, claimed by several members, however it became apparent that the 50% draw from the polls held on. However, by two days before the elections closing time, Industryboy, who didn't want it to result in a draw which would have resulted in the elections being taken into the Senate, where Hester had more friends then Industryboy did, came to Hester with a proposal, if Hester dropped out of the race, thereby granting Industryboy the win, he would make Hester the Vice-President (Vice-Presidents in the United States of Runescape were chosen after an election rather then during the campaigns or by the runner-up getting the position). After the proposal, Hester went public with what happened and resulted in Hester winning the last votes. Industryboy, both embarrassed by the scandal of trying to bribe Hester to giving up the elections for the Vice-Presidency and for loosing the race by the scandal went into a fury, being Secretary of the Treasury he held the clan's money he demanded that he be given the Presidency or he would walk away with it all. On January 1st, 2010 Hester was sworn in as the 25th President.

    President Hester (First Term)Edit

    Hester (in RS named PresHester to reflect his position as President), took the oath of office on January 1st, 2010. With Industryboy still holding almost 25 million RSGP of the clan's money, the highest amount ever achieved in the clan's history since the Three Front War's conclusion, the first week of Hester's presidency was tense. For days Hester and Industryboy were at a stand still in their negotiations, Hester wanting the money back for the clan's use to rebuild the economy to it's original state and give the clan members a boost in their own personal finances, While Industryboy wanted the Presidency. After awhile Hester proposed a compromise, he would keep Industryboy as Secretary of the Treasury and pardon Industryboy's crime of stealing from the government, if Industryboy handed over the money to Hester, Industryboy Agreed and Industryboy remained Secretary of the Treasury.

    With the money returned, Hester gave his state of the Union Speech and requested in his Government spending request that each member of the clan outside the government be given 100,000 RSGP, the bill passed within a day and the government was in debt by a few million, which Hester covered with his own personal finances so the government still held onto a few million RSGP. Following the government spending bill Hester turned his attention to the economy and military, against Industryboy's wishes Hester was granted the funds by Congress to spend 10% of the clan's income on the military. (It was around this time that Hester and Darthmoon33, who have known each other in real life, realized that they both played and were in the clan.) Darthmoon33 retained her status as a General in the clan Army and began using those funds to rebuild the army's strength and training. The rest of the clan's income went to making more money.

    Half way into his first term, Hester signed several treaties that expanded the clan's trade, netting about 25 million RSGP a week in profits for the clan, and untold amounts to the members of the clan, now at 300 members. The members of the three merged clans now were integrated into the clan and were allowed into the government after a series of bills were passed. Hester announced his intention for re-election the upcoming April, as did Industryboy and Meandude567.

    Unlike the last presidential debates, Hester held the majority of the polls from the start at over 50%, at which point Meandude567 dropped out, however Industryboy still wanted the presidency despite his money ransoming months ago, even though he was pardoned most of the clan's members didn't trust him. With no other members running, Hester won the elections for his second, and constitutionally last presidential term.

    President Hester (Second Term)Edit

    Hester's second term started off to a rocky start, Secretary of the Treasury Industryboy was still furious that he had lost the elections again, but as a bill that was passed after the last ransoming Hester held onto 75% of the clan's money, after a week of ranting and publicly criticizing the clan's media siting them as spreading "lies" about him which "cost (him) the elections" Hester at the urging of the rest of his cabinet members and several in Congress who planed to start Impeachment processes against Industryboy, Hester removed Industryboy as Secretary of the Treasury.

    Upon getting the news that he was stripped of his position, Industryboy went ballistic, throwing tantrums and fits as he stormed out of the clan with the remaining 25% of the clan's money, taking several of the Treasury workers who were loyal to him with him. Everyone knew that this time there was no getting it back, despite this Hester tried for almost two full weeks with nothing to show for the effort. Hester then named Farmgirl302 his new Secretary of the Agriculture, Meandude567 his Secretary of Defense, Fight Fate50 Secretary of the Interior, Darthmoon33 Secretary of State, and fdafdsa (RS name same as the rest) secretary of Homeland Security.

    In the middle of the month of May, about three weeks after talks between Hester and Industryboy stopped, fdafdsa and agents of his Department were starting to get reports that Industryboy had joined a rival clan of the United States of Runescape and that he was instigating them to attack the clan. Hester then had Secretary of State Darthmoon33 start peace talks with the clan's leadership, mainly the clan's Queen Sxygirl139. After a few days a Non-Aggression Pact was sighed by both clans, much to Industryboy's annoyance and fury, who then left that clan taking even more people from that clan along with the ones he took.

    By the first week of June whispers were circulating that Congress wanted to keep Hester as President, so long as clan members would vote for him, and were planning to start debates on a new amendment that would nullify the amendment that stated that no one could be president more than twice. Whispers turned into confrontation when Congress passed the Amendment weeks later, despite having the power to veto Hester saw that over five-sixth of Congress voted for it and the veto could be overturned, so the Amendment was passed.

    By the middle of June however, several clan members began noticing several attacks, both in RS and on the clan sites, the attacks on the sites were minor but noticeable, members having their passwords changed or their positions changed. In RS the attacks were on the runite miners in the wild, despite having a two squads (nine personal per squad) guarding them the miners and squads were killed and then looted of anything of value after their death. Then the attacks got worse, member accounts deleted or hacked out right on the clan forums, miners unable to mine runite, a major export good to allied clans. Members of Hester's Presidential Cabinet, Hester included suspected Industryboy, and were proven right when Industryboy gave his demand of being elected President that year or the attacks would get worse.

    Being rejected by Congress, most of the clan's members and Hester the attacks did get worse, however membership dropped from over 300, to 200 as people left to save themselves or due to their accounts getting hacked and anything of value taken out and they left RS or the clan so they weren't targeted again. On the first of July, the peak of the attacks, Hester went to the game administrators and told them what was happening, their response was surprisingly swift, they banned Industryboy (how long was never released) at which point the attacks stopped, but the damage was done.

    Rise of The EmpireEdit

    (Sorry to make is sound dramatic) With the damage to the clan being in the untold millions of RSGP, the Presidential Cabinet, along with Congress (as members of congress who left were replaced soon as possible by the clan constitution) met and discussed the matter thoroughly, some, including Hester, wanted things to remain as they were with more bills to increase security. While the majority, including Darthmoon33, wanted drastic changes made.

    • The Same Minority- The Same Minority, was the faction within the United States of Runescape that wanted the clan to keep it's government and the way it was the same. With few to no modifications being made to the Constitution. Hester was a member of this faction.
    • 'The Restructure Majority- The Restructure Majority, was the faction within the United States of Runescape, having most of the members, that wanted to totally overhaul the clan. Taking months to pass vital bills through congress, corruption within Congress, among the most prevalent. Darthmoon33 was a member of this faction, along with most of the clan.

    Endless hours of all those who gathered in a quiet part of Varrack, the clan's capital, arguing over the next steps the government should take didn't go as well as everyone thought it would when they first gathered didn't help solve problems. The Restrucutres wanted to do away with the current form of government and replace it with either a monarchy or a aristocracy. Finally after the third day, July 4th 2010, Hester agreed to the changes on the condition that the Monarchy be a limited one after the final amendment was added to the United States of Runescape's Constitution signaling the transformation into The Empire.

    Early HistoryEdit

    Shaky Empire-Triumvirate Relations (part 1)Edit

    Shaky Empire-Triumvirate Relations (part 2)Edit


    The Imperial LeadershipEdit


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