The Occidental Coalition
Occidental Coalition
Flag of the Occidental Coalition


Brim Davis



The Occidental Coalition is a foreign power with whom the Universal Triumvirate has a treaty with. Approved by the Triumvirate's government and signed by Major Executive Nathan Maine on August 16, 2013, the Occidental Coalition Treaty set up a standing relationship between the Occidental Coalition and the Universal Triumvirate.


The Occidental Coalition is lead by President Brim Davis, who was elected by the people of the Occidental Coalition and will remain in office until elected out of office. The President has ultimate say on all issues until the Coalition grows in membership.


The Occidental Coalition's economy is tethered to the Triumvirate's and utilizes the Tri currency. However, as a separate force, the Occidental Coalition has its own bonds issued as well. More information can be found on Occidental Coalition/Bonds.

The Occidental Coalition also is planning to launch a business venture to raise tri for its own use called the Occidental Earning Company, managed and owned jointly by the Occidental Coalition government and by local entrepreneur, Tomas Harold.

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