The sixth title of the Universal Triumvirate Code, titled "Judiciary", pertains to the organization and rules of courts in the Triumvirate, the rules of criminal and civil procedure, and the Department of Justice.

Chapter 1: DefinitionsEdit

Chapter 2: Judicial RequirementsEdit

Chapter 3: Private Law PracticesEdit

Chapter 4: Settlement, CompensationEdit

Chapter 5: Legal PrivilegeEdit

Chapter 6: Rules of Criminal ProcedureEdit

Chapter 7: Rules of Civil ProcedureEdit

Chapter 8: AppealsEdit

Chapter 9: The Department of JusticeEdit

Chapter 10: The Supreme CourtEdit

Chapter 11: Court of AppealsEdit

Chapter 12: First Criminal CourtEdit

Chapter 13: First Civil CourtEdit

Chapter 14: Second Criminal CourtEdit

Chapter 15: Second Civil CourtEdit

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