Tri Bills
One Tri
One Tri: Zerouh, Founder of the Triumvirate, First Major Executive
Two Tri
Two Tri: Elliot Neil, Fourth Major Executive
Five Tri
Five Tri: Ehtya, First Chief Ambassador, Third Minor Executive, Founding Executive, War hero, Distinguished business owner
Ten Tri
Ten Tri: Stavrok, First Head of Commerce and Industry, Third Major Executive, First Chief Justice, Founder of the Progressive Party, Father of the Triumvirate economic system
Twenty Tri
Twenty Tri: Arnold Ogamon, First Chief Attorney, Second Major Executive, First Minor Executive, Founder of the Establishment Party
Fifty Tri
Fifty Tri: Ascencia, First Head of Intelligence, Founding Executive, War hero
One Hundred Tri
One Hundred Tri: Nathan Maine, Fifth Major Executive
Five Hundred Tri
Five Hundred Tri: Andrew Mearl, Second Speaker of the Administration
One Thousand Tri
One Thousand Tri: Esteemi Evantsu, Second Chief Justice

The Tri, usually represented by a ∇, is the accepted currency in the Triumvirate. There are currently 6,500 Tri in circulation.


The Executive Branch commissioned General Media to design "bills" for tri in early July of 2012. These bills are in denominations of 1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1,000 and each have a key historical figure on them along with a significant quote they are famous for. An inverted Triangle (like the Flag of the Triumvirate) indicates that the person is from the Executive Branch whereas an upward pyramid-like triangle indicates that they were a part of another part of the Triumvirate. The portraits of each individual were done by Ascencia whereas the actual design of each bill was done by Ehtya (General Media).

In December of 2014, General Media, acting on request of Clark McDearny, updated the bills, adding a 2 tri bill and switching out the individuals on a couple of the rest. They were adopted for 2015.

One Tri: ZerouhEdit

"For the sake of Justice, I rise"

The one tri bill features the founder of the Triumvirate, Zerouh. Being the first Major Executive, establishing the system of government, and acting as an inspiring leader in the beginning years of the Triumvirate are just some of the things he is forever memorable for doing.

The quote on the bill comes directly from Zerouh's debut, when Zerouh first revealed himself.

Two Tri: Elliot NeilEdit

"It is time for a new era of freedom and prosperity to transcend across the Triumvirate"

The two tri bill boldly displays the Triumvirate's fourth Major Executive, Elliot Neil, who modernized the government, embellished the office of the Major Executive, and acted meaningful policies despite her short time in office.

The quote on the bill demonstrates her insistence and dedication to revolutionizing and revitalizing the Triumvirate for a new era.

Five Tri: EhtyaEdit

"Eventually everyone, even I, will fall, but the Triumvirate never will"

The five tri bill is adorned by Ehtya, a Founding Executive and the first Chief Ambassador. An original member of the Triumvirate, Ehtya's résumé is one of the most impressive to date. A renowned war hero for his actions during the Uhnul Conflict and the Countdown Crisis, a savior and guardian of the Triumvirate, Ehtya was an inspiring figure for many and a prominent member of the Executive Branch for many years. He became the third Minor Executive and began his own company, General Media, the first business ever in the Triumvirate, the same business that would be commissioned to design the tri bills.

The quote on the bill comes from the final moments of the Countdown Crisis, when Ehtya proudly prepared to give himself up to protect the Triumvirate.

Ten Tri: StavrokEdit

"This is manifest destiny, this is our moment to make the future and reach for what we thought to be unattainable"

The ten tri bill features Stavrok, the father of the Triumvirate economic system. Stavrok, also an original member of the Triumvirate, was the original Head of Finance who retired only to later become the first Chief Justice and then come back to the Executive Branch as the first Head of Commerce and Industry. He very quickly ascended in the Executive Branch becoming the third Major Executive and passing the monumental PEACE Act with his creation of the first political party in the Triumvirate, the Progressive Party.

The quote on the bill comes from Stavrok's tabling of the PEACE Act before the Executive Branch, when he described the necessity of the law and what it would mean for the future.

Twenty Tri: Arnold OgamonEdit

"We need the best of the best, not anything or anyone less"

The twenty tri bill is glorified by Arnold Ogamon, the man who is rightfully considered Zerouh's successor as he was Zerouh's Minor Executive and he became the second Major Executive when Zerouh left. Arnold Ogamon was the first Chief Attorney and he founded the Establishment Party. He was also considered the first "Modern Executive".

The quote on the bill comes from one of his personal dialogues on the necessary excellence of the Executives and of the Triumvirate in general. Arnold was well known for his stance on an elite and intellectual Executive Branch, something he and Zerouh strongly agreed on.

Fifty Tri: AscenciaEdit

"I'm the best you have, have had, and will have"

The fifty tri bill displays Ascencia, a Founding Executive alongside Ehtya and Zerouh, an original member of the Triumvirate, and the first Head of Intelligence. Ascencia is well known as one of the most brilliant strategic minds in the Triumvirate, and he alone is responsible for keeping the Triumvirate alive on several occasions. His war hero status from events in the Uhnul Conflict and the Army of Saradomin Cold War has given him the nickname "The Great Defender".

The quote on the bill is a personal saying of his which he was well known for. His eccentric and arrogant personality is well demonstrated by this quote which also has a level of truth to it.

One Hundred Tri: Nathan MaineEdit

"We are in a state of progress, but it is one that is far from over"

The one hundred tri bill features Nathan Maine, the fifth Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate who served in office for a year, lead the Triumvirate and Pania to victory in the Desolaran Civil War, rescued the Triumvirate from a massive recession, and had an incredible influence all over the Union. A capable and competent leader, Maine faced challenge after challenge in his term but consistently came through while simultaneously serving as an icon for the Triumvirate and for what it must be. The quote on the bill comes from one of his many mantras, first displayed in State of the Union XI, where he would consistently call for "solid progress" and that the Union much continue to move forward despite what may lay behind or ahead.

Formerly the bill was adorned by Andrew Hester, the first Head of the Treasury. It was his idea to create the imagery for the bills and his financial policies greatly influenced the Triumvirate economy. He was also a distinguished business owner in the Triumvirate, creating Corporate Corporation, which provided many of the resources needed to produce more and more tri in the early Triumvirate economy. The quote when Hester was on the bill was, "You make the laws, I'll make the money."

Five Hundred Tri: Andrew MearlEdit

"Progress does not come from political ideology, it comes from the hard work and dedication presented by the people and the government"

The five hundred tri bill displays the second Speaker of the Administration, Andrew Mearl. Known for his role in empowering and designing many of the core aspects of the Administrative Branch, implementing parliamentary rules in the Triumvirate, and fighting for more conservative causes despite strong liberal opposition, Mearl served for four trimesters as Speaker of the Administration and presided over the Halloween Shutdown. The quote on the bill represents his view that hard work and dedication will solve the problems we faced, not solely political maneuvering and ideology.

Formerly the bill displayed the first Speaker of the Administration, Nremni. An original member of the Triumvirate, Nremni was an outspoken champion of the people who fought for the rights and representation of the people on all matters, while still fairly maintaining balance between the branches, and shaped the Administrative Branch in its first days. The quote when Nremni was on the bill was, "Nothing will ever be more powerful than the will of the people."

One Thousand Tri: Esteemi EvantsuEdit

"The day we abandon the Constitution is the day we abandon the Triumvirate"

The one thousand tri bill features Esteemi, the second Chief Justice of the Triumvirate and the man who was key in shaping the court system of the Triumvirate when it first started. He set many precedents in office and gave the court statement in many famous early court cases.

The quote on the bill shows his determination in upholding the rules and founding principles of the Triumvirate. It comes from his statement to the Executive Branch before they approved him as a Justice.

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