This page outlines significant events and key individuals in the diplomatic actions between the Triumvirate and the RuneScape clan, The Empire that took place between October 2010 to May of 2012.

First ContactEdit

First contact between the Universal Triumvirate and The Empire took place in early October 2010, when Zerouh first introduced himself to then Emperor (Andrew) Hester with "Hello, I am Zerouh. Founder and Idealist of the Universal Triumvirate." To which Hester replied inquiring what he meant with the long title, Zerouh responded stating that he had founded the Triumvirate in the hopes of combating corruptionists and told of the story of how the Triumvirate defeated Uhnul during the Uhnul Conflict earlier that year. Shortly after explaining each others founding and early histories Hester approves of the sending of the Triumvirate's Chief Ambassador, Ehtya.

First Attempt at a TreatyEdit

Shortly after first contact around the middle of October in 2010, Ehyta the Chief Ambassador for the Triumvirate was admitted onto The Empire's forum site to begin negotiations between the two factions. Initial talks didn't go as well as both sides had hoped, with members of The Empire, including Cptn Aubrey and Darthmoon33 questioning Ehtya's every statement, including questioning why the Triumvirate would be interested in helping to write The Empire's Constitution, which hadn't yet been agreed on by many members. Shortly thereafter Emperor Hester closed the thread and after discussions in private with Ehtya and later Zerouh it was deemed by all sides that there had been some miscommunication by both parties that lead to both sides perceiving hostility between one another. It was agreed that a second attempt be made, Ehyta approved and Hester went to the Imperial Ruling Council, a limited legislative body of The Empire before a full government had been formed.

Second Attempt at a TreatyEdit

The second attempt went better in the beginning than the first, with The Empire still figuring out how to structure their government Hester's time was split between the treaty and his clan, which Ehyta understood as he was in a similar position in the Triumvirate albeit not as much as Hester. However, shortly after the second talks began, Vaderdude222 applied to be the Head of Finance and was summarily rejected by the Executive Branch when Ascencia stated that Vader's and Hester's IP address where a match, confusing both Zerouh (publicly at least) and Hester as to how he would have even acquired Hester's IP address, much less how it could match Vader's. Vader, along with a former Triumvirate member, Exo Malakii had joined The Empire and began talking about how corrupt the Triumvirate was, namely pointing figures at both Zerouh and Ascencia. Ehtya was quick, along with Hester how by now was talking to Zerouh almost every hour of the day about one thing or another, to defend the Triumvirate and two of its leaders.

Vader gave his story to Darthmoon33, a prominent member of the coveted Imperial Ruling Council and leader of The Empire's military as the Lady Field Marshal, she then promptly proposed Vader to the council to serve as the new Minister of Finance and Trade, which had been vacant for a few days and Vader was voted in. Vader soon won the support of the ministry's members, especially its managers who liked his management of the Ministry. Vader however would rub off on Hester in negative ways when it came to diplomacy with the Triumvirate from day one. Darthmoon33, who was also a moderator on The Empire's forums, compared Vader's and Hester's IP address and found they didn't match, it is unclear if she ever sent her findings to the Triumvirate or if there was a reply to such a message.

Exo Malakii also joined around the same time as Vader and claimed to have been the Military Representative of the Triumvirate's military, a claim that has since been proven false, and stated that the Triumvirate had no army at all. The Empire was geared around it's military as well as the allies it had at the time, causing concern with several members of the Ruling Council, especially members of the Imperial High Command. With members fearing that The Empire could get drawn into a war by the Triumvirate and would have to defend the Triumvirate with no aide from the Triumvirate, or worse (as some members put it) having the Triumvirate try to take command of Imperial military personnel.

Exo's claims and Vader's staunch stance against the Triumvirate however soon began to loose ground when Ehyta defended the Triumvirate alongside Hester against the accusations levied against the Triumvirate. However, on January 23, 2011 near the onset of a treaty finally being agreed too, one of cooperation against injustice and a non-aggression pact clause, the individual known as, then, Red Triumvirate was impeached as Head of Clan Relations due to serious law violations, though this wasn't known for some time. Red fled to The Empire and started bashing the Triumvirate, giving stores about how the Triumvirate entraps clans, of which The Empire was a clan. With an alliance and once allied with the Triumvirate, the Triumvirate would then absorb the clan in question into the Triumvirate keeping the government in place but a vessel for the Union. Hester and Ehyta tried their best to keep the diplomacy going, Ehyta stating that Red was impeached due to serious law violations, Red obviously denying such claims.

Darthmoon33 then asked Emperor Hester to grant Red temporary access to the Ruling Council's section of the forums so that he would testify against the Triumvirate. He soon gave an elongated but similar story (mentioned above) to the Ruling Council, by this point Exo was granted access to the lower house of the council, jumped on what Red stated. More level headed members of the council, lead by Hester, wanted to get both sides of the story, however they didn't want to hear Ehyta's side as he was posting it in a public domain in the Embassy, they wanted to hear from Zerouh himself. However, when Hester asked Zerouh to come to the Empire's forums, he refused stating Ehyta could be his voice. Hester informed him that they knew all they could from Ehyta but the council wanted to hear from him personally. Zerouh countered with an offer to give a statement to be presented to the council members, which Hester accepted. Zerouh gave a statement and Hester delivered it to the Council, however despite being three pages long (in Microsoft word at 12 size) the one sentence most remembered was "To reject this treaty on the word of criminals would be an unwise and unjust decision, made by unintelligent persons."'

This was the final straw with members of the Ruling Council, they invoked their recently acquired constitutional power to overturn a sitting Emperor's (or Empress') diplomatic agreement with a foreign entity. Vader and Exo garnering more support against the treaty than Hester could to get in favor and the council was over two-thirds against the treaty and voted to end all open communication with the Triumvirate, Darthmoon33 going so far as to ban Ehyta from the Empire's forums. Hester soon sent formal apologies to Zerouh and especially Ehyta for how quick the Council was and how they overreacted to the statement Zerouh made. Zerouh quickly accepted the apology but stood by what he said, pointing out that the Triumvirate was founded on intellectual ideals. Hester stated he would try to gain the needed vote over one-third to allow him to pursue the treaty and that communication back and forth could be limited as he attempted to do so.

Potential WarEdit

A few weeks went by with no noticeable gains by Hester to get the diplomatic process restarted, by this time the Ruling Council voted Red to be apart of the lower house of the council, by this time he was a Second Lieutenant in the Imperial Army along with Exo Malakii, both promoted by Darthmoon33. Red began levying for attacks to be made against the Triumvirate, essentially a declaration of war, the complete opposite of what Hester wanted. Darthmoon33 and the Imperial Military High Command began planning for such a contest, Exo and Red quickly pointing out that the Triumvirate had no military to speak of and would never come to a battlefield "honorably" and would use the "underhanded tactics from Ascencia" Much to the relief of Hester, however this was dashed when Red said he knew of a hacker that could give Ascencia "a run for his money".

A Sting OperationEdit

After the close brush with near war looming, Hester quickly contact Zerouh about the developments. Hester gave Zerouh a complete run down of what had transpired over the week about the possibility of a war breaking out with both agreeing that the singular person of the warmongering was Red. Hester agreed to gain incriminating evidence for the Triumvirate and Empire to prove that the only one corrupt was Red himself and not Zerouh or the Triumvirate. Hester was quick to get to work, seemingly doing a complete one-eighty and wanting war with the Triumvirate, least only to Red so as he could "maintain a facade for the Triumvirate to hide [his] intentions". Red quickly provided information to then CIA Director Airwalk329 about the ZtExecutive Runescape account that held the Triumvirate's money. He then passed the information onto Hester, Hester then instructed Airwalk not to do anything with the information also going as far as to inform Airwalk about the joint sting against Red. Airwalk was apart of the group within the Imperial Ruling Council that wanted diplomacy to resume and he agreed to play along. Another piece of information Red gave was Ascencia's "How [he] defeated Uhnul, both of which were highly confidential information, Hester would tell Zerouh and Zerouh stated that it would be used in court someday and asked if Hester would testify, to which Hester agreed too.

The information leading up to the File:Universal Triumvirate v. Red (Part 1, Red flees) (2011-I).pdf isn't recorded nor remembered by Hester after the above paragraph.

Third Attempt at a TreatyEdit

When news reached the Empire and the Imperial Ruling Council that Red fled his trial back at the Triumvirate, it was soon voted by Council members to not only stripe him of his rank in the clan Army, by this point a First Lieutenant, but also ban him from the Empire. Whether this was needed is unclear as Red never said if he quit the Empire and Triumvirate all that is known is that he fled his trial. Nevertheless upon hearing that Red fled his trial after receiving his sentence, it became clear to all that Red was the corrupt person and not the Triumvirate. A vote was soon placed by Airwalk329, by now promoted to the highly coveted rank of Grand Vizier (essentially the Head of Government as Hester delegated roles to certain positions to free up his own position), replacing a member who had retired a month prior, to resume diplomacy with the Triumvirate. Exo and Vader were quick to vote against and restated their stances against such a move, however they were only ones to vote against it and people began to suspect they were just like Red, hearing this and coupled with the vote passing both left the Empire and haven't been heard from since.

Diplomacy resumed, Ehyta expressing his gratitude to Hester for testifying against Red at trial and giving Zerouh's statement also expressing his gratitude on the events that had transpired. With the joint sting operation a success both sides saw the benefits towards mutual cooperation, thus each side began increasingly adding more clauses to the proposed treaty

First TreatyEdit

Main article: Archive:Triumvirate-Empire Treaty

  • The first treaty saw a mutual cooperation against crime clause, with each side complying with turning over criminals to the other party. This was a result of Red's actions while in the Empire.
  • The non-aggression clause of the treaty got bumped down one with the above clause, due in large part of the seriousness of Red's actions. However this part was apart of the original requests by both sides since the second attempt was first started.
  • The third clause was that of a media cooperation clause, calling for both sides to publish significant events from the other. For the Triumvirate, it would be like a new Executive or the Empire a new Emperor and so on.
  • The forth clause was to ensure diplomacy continued, even in the absence of a high ranking diplomat. This was to ensure that both sides were in constant contact, even if someone like the Chief Ambassador or Emperor of the Empire was on vacation or otherwise indisposed.
  • The fifth clause was an economic agreement, allow both sides to give a loan to the other in times of need. This was due in large part that both factions were still centered around the game RuneScape, thereby allowing loans to occur.
  • The sixth and last clause of the original treaty was also the result of Red's actions, this clause was a mutual banishment clause. No one banned from either faction was allowed to the join the other faction unless they were pardoned by the original faction.

The treaty was signed by Chief Ambassador of the Triumvirate Ehyta, Executives: Zerouh, Arnold Ogamon, Spence32296 and Zamorak Agent. Alongside Emperor of the Empire, Hester and Lady Field Marshal Darthmoon33. Airwalk329 would have been the one to sign in Darthmoon's place, but at the time of the signing he was on vacation, and Imperial law stated that along with the Emperor the next highest ranking official had to sign a treaty, Darthmoon was the next highest ranking official.


The treaty went into effect on March 29, 2011, five months after the first attempt was started. The first few months went by just like any other before the treaty, Hester would talk with Zerouh and Ehtya on a daily basis, until May 1, 2011. On May 1, Zerouh contacted Hester about the new Legal Certification bill Archive:Legal Certification Policy, which had passed in the Triumvirate on April 25. Hester, and later Darthmoon33, expressed interest in the certification both being certified on June 17. However, events within the Empire turned dire for the young clan, the chief issue was membership. When the Empire was formed, it had over 300 members who all came from the United States of RuneScape, over time however, members began leaving with the chief reasons being that members were starting college along with other real world issues, didn't like how Jagex (the company that owns RuneScape) was operating Runescape or were just bored of Runescape entirely. Membership within the Empire fell to roughly 40 members. However the Triumvirate was in a similar state, when it was started (according to Zerouh) it had 20 clans as members of the Union, by May of 2011 it had only four. Both Zerouh and Hester expressed support to the either as they both faced the population crisis.

On May 11, Hester approached Zerouh with the idea of having a Historical Department, similar to the modern day Department of the Archive. Zerouh found the idea humorous as he had been working on such an idea for some time, asking Hester not to tell anyone as he was working on it, however felt that it didn't warrant an Executive head at the time. Shortly after a week after the start of June, Hester was in contact with Arnold Ogamon for the first time, as Hester had a habit of talking with either ambassadors or Heads of State, in the Triumvirate it was perceived that the Major Executive was the de facto Head of State. Conversations with Ogamon began with a bit of a rough start, with Ogamon asking what Zerouh and Hester would usually talk about, Hester would say that they'd usually talk about what was going on within the different states, Ogamon thinking that that was a bit of a security risk trusting a foreign power with the inner workings of the Triumvirate, Hester pointing out that both stood to gain by having strong ties with another sovereign state, seemingly to earn a bit of Ogamon's trust, though serious talks wouldn't begin until November months later.

Founding of the International ConferenceEdit

On April 11, before the Triumvirate-Empire Treaty was signed, Hester approached Ehyta about forming a group email between himself and the Executives, similar to the G20 summits, an international group between the top twenty industrial countries in the real world. Ehyta countered stating that Zerouh informed Ehyta about what he and Hester were talking about and wanted to establish an International Conference, effectively a cyber United Nations. By April 17, Zerouh was beginning construction of the site to get it ready for the incoming alliance. Soon after Ogamon and Ehtya raised questions about voting to allow new members into the conference, who moderators should be and who could attend the conference. Hester would reply saying members would join if they had a treaty with every member apart of the conference, since they all had a mutual cooperation with each other. Hester would suggest that the de-facto leaders rotate the responsibility of moderation every two months for the time being and that the Major Executive, Minor Executive, Chief Attorney, Chief Ambassador and Head of Finance represent the Triumvirate, with the Empire being represented by the Emperor/Empress, Executor/Executrix, Prince/Princess, Grand Vizier, Branch Leaders and Department Secretaries, with any votes belonging to the Major Executive and Emperor and the Triumvirate vote ultimately falling on the Executive Branch to be carried out by the Major Executive. April 18 the site went live.

The initial start of the conference didn't go as it was hipped up to be, inventions were extended to which only Stavrok, Ehyta, Ogamon entered for the Triumvirate and Hester for the Empire. No conversations occurred, aside from a welcome thread, until Ehtya brought up an issue plaguing both factions, recruiting and wondering if a solution could be found to help both parties. Hester said that he found the word of mouth method to work, meaning that you tell all of your friends about what you're doing and get them to join and then they get their friends and so on.

Post Zerough RelationsEdit


Key IndividualsEdit


Main article: Zerouh

Zerouh was the first to make contact with then Emperor Hester. After initial conversations Zerouh would offer to have Hester be put into contact with then Chief Ambassador Ehtya.


Main article: Ehtya

Arnold OgamonEdit

Main article: Arnold Ogamon

Emperor (Andrew) HesterEdit

When in The Empire, Andrew Hester was known by his user name of Emperor Hester.

Cptn AubreyEdit

In The Empire, Cptn Aubrey had the rank of Grand Vizier, third only to a sitting Emperor/Empress and an Executor/Executrix (second-in-command).


In The Empire, Darthmoon33 had the rank of Lady Field Marshal (Lord for males), ranked forth in the line of succession after the Emperor, Executor and Grand Vizier respectively.


Exo MalakiiEdit


Vaderdude222 first applied for the Executive Position of that of Head of Finance, but was summarily rejected by the Executive Branch as then Head of Intelligence Ascencia claimed that Vader and Hester shared the same IP address. This confused many, including Hester and even Zerouh, as Hester was never registered on any site where the Triumvirate had access to IP files of users. This also caused great bitterness for Vader who then went to The Empire and was voted by the Imperial Ruling Council, to be the new Trade and Finance Minister, ranked fifth in the Imperial Line of Succession. Vader would continue to go out of his way to ensure a treaty never happened, including starting a post giving twelve reasons not to ally with the Triumvirate. However, he left The Empire soon as diplomacy resumed with the Triumvirate and hasn't been heard since.


Below is the entire list of all the discussions that took place within the International Conference.

Topic Notes File
Welcome Thread to the Conference File:International Conference - Welcome.pdf
Discussion regarding recruiting File:International Conference - Recruiting Discussion.pdf
Basic discussion on finance Edited at Major Executive Stenbach's request. File:International Conference - General Finance Discussion.pdf
Discussion on having an economy for both sides File:International Conference - Mutual Economy Discussion.pdf
Discussing the new Triumvirate economy File:International Conference - Last Investment.pdf
Discussion on how to improve the TTI File:International Conference - How to Improve the TTI Discussion.pdf
Triumvirate Explaining the GUARD Act File:International Conference - The GUARD Act Discussion.pdf
Hester receiving an award File:International Conference - Award to the Emperor.pdf

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