The Triumvirate Media Corporation
"Bringing the News to You"
IOF/Business Overview
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IOF Number 26
Founded February 20th, 2015 by Henry Gobar
Industry Media
Owned By Eden Publishing
CEO Jackson Eden
Employees Three
Market Overview
Ticker TMC
Subsidiaries DesignWorks, Triumvirate Research Institution

  This Institution Is Temporarily Closed For Business
This institution has been shut for the time being while updates take place. Do NOT make any payments to this institution until further notice.

The Triumvirate Media Corporation- Bringing the news to you Edit

What is TMC? What do we do, what do we offer you? The Triumvirate Media Corporation offers weekly issues on a large variety of topics. ranging from election information to business speculation. Every week YOU should expect top-of-the-line news delivered to YOUR doorstep.

Issues that will be discussed regularly- Edit

  • Election information, likeliness for a candidate is to win
  • Business Speculation, etc
  • Discussion of Bills in the government
  • Interviews with politicians
  • Polls with a detailed analysis
  • Much, much more!

Wow! How can I get it? Edit

It's easy! All you have to do is make a payment to the Triumvirate Media Corporation for 3 Tri titled "Subscription Fee" along with putting your name below! To get old issues of TMC, contact us at for free if issues up to a month old! If they are older than a month old, you can get them for 3 Tri per issue or 5 Tri for unlimited access to old issues. The first issue is March 1st, with a free issue being made public this Sunday. You can alternatively sign up on a monthly basis, paying 10 Tri for the whole month. That's cheaper than signing up for one issue at a time!


Sign Ups! Edit

Please put your NAME and EMAIL below once you have paid for your monthly issue. You will be contacted once your subscription is processed!

  1. Pevolt Levici :
  2. Andrew Hester :
  3. Edward Stenbach :
  4. Aaron Ehtya : (again, two months)
  5. Carl Caph :

Looking for Writers

Want to be a writer for TMC? Great news! The Triumvirate Media Corporation is looking for a writer (Preferably regarding the economy, but any will do) to write for us. Pay will depend on the quality of the writing along with length. Submit an article to us at to get started.

By working for TMC, you agree that TMC has the sole right to use your articles.

Publishing Edit

TMC is now offering to PUBLISH your book! As a writer, you get 85 percent of the profit while we get 15 percent of the profit. Pricing will be discussed before the book is released. TMC agrees to launch advertising campaigns and advertise in all TMC publications. Contact us or more information regarding this. The Triumvirate Media Corporation looks forward to all entries.

By publishing with TMC, you agree that TMC has the sole right to publish your book for up to one year after release unless otherwise agreed upon.

Issues Released to Date Edit

Issue One - Investment Industries Goes Public - Initial Release: February 22nd Public Release: February 22nd

Issue Two- Government Poll & Private Industry - Initial Release: March 1st Public Release: June 14th

Issue Three- The Naturalization Contingency Act - Initial Release: March 8th Public Release: June 28th

Issue Four - The Union Academy Act - Initial Release: March 15th Public Release: July 5th

Issue Five - The Government in 2015-II - Initial Release: March 22nd Public Release: July 12th

Issue Six - Dark Chapters from an Economic Past* - Initial Release: March 29th Public Release: July 19th

Issue Seven - Taxes, Transparency and Happiness - Initial Release: April 5th Public Release: July 26th

Issue Eight - The Race for a Seat - Initial Release: April 12th Public Release: August 2nd

Issue Nine - Economic Visions and Mentoring - Initial Release: April 19th Public Release: August 9th

Issue Ten - Blast From the Past: History of the Triumvirate - Initial Release: May 3rd Public Release: August 16th

Issue Eleven - The Mass Migration - Initial Release: May 31st Public Release: August 30th

All issues of TMC will be released to the public for free four months after being released.

*This issue has been revised. Both the revised version and the original will be publically released

Advertisers Edit

Want to advertise on TMC exclusively? Great! You can advertise for 5 Tri per issue or 15 Tri for the whole month! Contact us at for more info!

By signing up for TMC, you agree to pay a weekly subscription fee of 3 Tri, or a monthly fee of 10 Tri. You will be informed of upcoming due bills or unpaid late bills. Your service will be automatically cancelled if you fail to pay a subscription fee by the due date. All articles are under property of TMC and are not to be shared without express permission.

Subsidiaries of TMC Edit

DesignWorks-Advertising and Design Subsidiary.

Triumvirate Research Institution- Conducts research for TMC or external entities.

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