The Image used by several Triumvirate politicians during the movement

The Triumvirate Politician's Military Abolishment Caucus, or TPMAC, was a political coalition formed by Major Executive and Chief Attorney Arnold Ogamon in order to remove the military system from the Triumvirate and break it away from past affiliations it had, such as those with the game RuneScape. It was created on October 2nd, 2011 and came out of practice once it accomplished it's goals early in the next month of November. Some consider the caucus the first Triumvirate political party but as the founder of the caucus, Arnold Ogamon, said "We are a group of people fighting for something, we are a collective, not a party". It was responsible for the Military Abolishment Movement.

The DeclarationEdit

Convened by Arnold Ogamon, Chief Attorney, Senior Executive, and Major Executive of the Universal Triumvirate and henceforth established on October second, 2011.

In order to protect and better the Triumvirate for the future members and people involved with our union, we hereby found the Triumvirate Politician’s Military Abolishment Caucus. A coalition of Triumvirate politicians and the politically active within the Triumvirate to dissolve the military force of the Triumvirate and push for the expansion of the Triumvirate to break away from our prior restraints! As we want, as the Triumvirate wants, and as Zerouh wanted. We, working together, will aggrandize the Triumvirate and move us past childish limitations for the better future. The sounds of our declaration shall reverberate across our members and we will grow to be much more for we do not believe the Triumvirate is in an irrevocable state, it is something that must adapt and change in order to survive the perils of the future!

Our goals shall be these:
  1. To remove article sixteen from the Constitution and, by doing so, remove the War General position.
  2. To nullify and repeal the Warfare Code of the Triumvirate.
  3. To abolish the Department of Warfare. By the removal of its mention in article 2:1 of the Constitution.
  4. To remove the Constitutional office of the Military Representative from the Triumvirate by the retraction of it from article two of the Constitution.
  5. To replace the word “Military” from article ten of the Constitution with “Security”. And, by accomplishing this and the other amendments mentioned above, remove the word “Military” from everywhere in the Constitution to send a message to the world of what we are and why we have done this.
  6. To commiserate with all military members of the Triumvirate and we will not stand for the removal from office of any of them solely because of their military support. If we succeed, the Military Representative will have our full support on moving to a new Executive position and the War General shall have our full support on making a smooth transition. All other persons involved in the military shall be able to request from us another job and we will do our best to get them a fair, respectable, and new job. We will do all of this for any of these people even if they had protested against our movement out of respect for their determination, office, and their support of the greater Triumvirate.
  7. To transfer all defensive roles of the Triumvirate military force and Department of Warfare to the Departments of Intelligence and State.
  8. To stand by the departments of Intelligence and State in their defensive roles.
  9. To bring the Triumvirate out of its constraints and rally for independence of our union from the limitations of the past.
  10. To, should these points fail, severely restrict the abilities and powers of the Department of Warfare so that its role can be lessened and a step towards progress can be made.
From this point forward, no person a part of our caucus shall:
  1. Support military funding to the physical military or the Department of Warfare.
  2. Support additions to the Department of Warfare.
  3. Support earmarks or small adjustments to laws and amendments on table that support the Department of Warfare or the physical military. We will do all in our power to veto and block these motions from passing.
  4. Support military action or actions of the Department of Warfare.
  5. Participate in military action or contribute to the Department of Warfare unless demanded to by law.

All members of our coalition recognize the leadership of an elected caucus chairperson who shall be elected by a majority of caucus members at the establishment of the caucus. If the general caucus believes new leadership is needed, they shall be able to nominate and elect a new leader. Their powers and responsibilities, along with all other powers they have outside our caucus will be to serve as a symbolic role as the leader of our movement, negotiate for the caucus, make appointments for other leadership roles in the caucus, and lead the media works for the caucus to encourage active participation and active interest in the movement.

Upon the ultimate success or failure of our movement, we will set a time for all members of the caucus to reconvene and decide upon the future of this cause.

  • Arnold Ogamon, first elected chairperson and the Executive representative of the Triumvirate Politician’s Military Abolishment Caucus, Major Executive, Chief Attorney, and Senior Executive
  • Esteemi, Judicial representative for the Triumvirate Politician’s Military Abolishment Caucus, Justice of the Supreme Court of the Triumvirate
  • Ermier, Director of Résumé Services
  • Ascencia, Head of Intelligence, Senior Executive
  • Nremni, Administrative representative for the Triumvirate Politician’s Military Abolishment Caucus, Administrator for the CELTHES clan


The Triumvirate Politician's Military Abolishment Caucus, though it was met with some distrust by several key Triumvirate members, was able to accomplish a wide variety of its goals. It successfully removed the entire military system of the Triumvirate and disbanded the Department of Warfare and affiliated positions like the War General and Military Representative. It was also able to remove the Triumvirate from past domains like the game RuneScape. Arnold Ogamon wrote and was able to get the Executive Branch to pass the Independence Act. After these events, the Military Abolishment Caucus was, for the most part, disbanded due to the fact that it had accomplished it's goals. Some remnants still existed though, it united several key individuals in political ideology and they often worked together from then on. In fact, two of the key members of the caucus, Arnold Ogamon and Ermier, would go on to found and participate in the Establishment Party (and Ascencia and Esteemi, all though they did not affiliate with the Establishment Party due to Ascencia's opposition to parties and Esteemi's holding as a Justice and not being allowed to be in a party, were both close associates and in alignment with Ogamon throughout their careers).

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