The Triumvirate Court system has two different types of cases: Civil and Criminal.

Civil CasesEdit

Civil cases are cases in which one party faces against another over a dispute. In these cases, usually punishment is not the goal (though it sometimes can be), and it is simply a group or individual challenging another to resolve an issue or get fair compensation for something. These cases can be appealed to higher courts.

The burden of proof in civil cases is by a preponderance of the evidence, meaning it simply has to be more likely that one side is right, not overwhelmingly so (like in criminal trials).

Criminal CasesEdit

Criminal cases are the cases in which the entire Triumvirate, represented by the Triumvirate Department of Justice, is charging an individual or group with crimes committed in the jurisdiction of the Triumvirate. A government attorney, in major cases it will usually be the Chief Attorney, will represent the Triumvirate in court and present evidence to convict and sentence the criminal to crimes. Only the government can challenge people in criminal cases. These cases can be appealed to higher courts.

The burden of proof in criminal cases is beyond a reasonable doubt, meaning a person would not have reasonable doubt that they are not guilty. This is a much higher standard of proof than in civil cases.

A Note on Differed Inquiry CasesEdit

The most unusual of the cases to come before courts in the Triumvirate, differed inquiry (also called differed question) cases were cases not for or against any party. They involved the power of the Triumvirate courts to interpret laws and the Constitution but fell out of existence with the arising of solid standing definitions in the Union. How it used to work was that any person within the Triumvirate may send a question to a court, the court may then decide to answer that question (though sometimes the courts were allowed to discard these questions if they have been previously answered). Often the court answering this question would call individuals to speak their opinion on it.

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