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The Union Academy, established by Major Executive Stenbach's Union Academy Act (est. May 1, 2015; opening January 1, 2016), is a publicly-sponsored center for education, research, and study. Falling under the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy, it offers degrees to students, provides resources for scholars, and allows experts to pass on skills and knowledge in history, politics, economics, and law.

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The Union Academy Seal

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The Union Academy Act (Click for link)

The DeanEdit

The Head of Education and Dean of the Academy is the ultimate authority of the Academy, deciding who to hire, the Academy's finances, what degrees and courses are offered, scheduling, requirements for admission, and any other internal rules.

Degrees and PaymentEdit

A degree requires four courses and a thesis, a process taking six months (one month per course and two months for the thesis). The total payment per attempt at degree is ∇70, paid at the onset of the degree period. ∇30 of the payment goes directly to the Academy to pay for central Academy expenses. The remaining ∇40 is split between the four course professors. At the completion of all aspects of a degree, the Dean judges whether, considering all scores, the thesis, and the advice of the professors, to award a degree.

Government employees receive a discount in degrees, only having to pay ∇40. The Head of Education and Dean of the Academy also may offer educational loans of ∇30 per person at 10% interest six months after expected degree requirement (regardless of achievement of degree).

Degrees Offered and Underlying CoursesEdit


A degree in history addresses the history of the Triumvirate, from before that fateful day in September of 2009 through the present. Those with a degree in history should be well suited to address historical trends in the Union, note historical figures and events, and contrast different periods in Triumvirate history. Prepares for Historical Certification.

  • The Genesis Age:
  • The Ogamon Age:
  • The Mearl Age:
  • Modern History:
  • Economic History:

Political ScienceEdit

A degree in political science addresses the political theories and concepts in the Triumvirate, the roles and power of government, various political trends, a thorough analysis of political parties, and the effectiveness of past and current political actions and actors. Those with a degree in political science should be well suited to address political trends, consider the implications of political changes, engage in campaigns, and study the science of politics.

  • The Executive Branch:
  • The Administration:
  • The Majorate:
  • Elections:
  • Political Parties:


A degree in law addresses core legal concepts and theory in the Triumvirate, complete analysis of elements of law, legal craft, and legal interpretation. Those with a degree in law should be able to understand litigation, judicial processes, how to draft legislation, and should have a thorough understanding of law in the Union. Prepares for Legal Certification.

  • Constitutional Law and Case Law:
  • Judicial Procedure:
  • Law Craft:
  • Economic and Financial Law:
  • The Universal Triumvirate Code: Page by Page: (counts for two courses)

Doctoral StudiesEdit


The Union Academy is hiring! Please contact the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy to become a professor or manager within the Academy. Extensive experience and knowledge required. Pay is ∇10 per student per course taught, with opportunity to earn more.

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