Union Academy Act
Short Title Union Academy Act
Long Title A Law to establish the Union Academy, a scholarly institution for research, education, and involvement for the Union and to provide endowments and resources for its prosperity.
Enacted March 14, 2015
Law Number 2015-I-07
UTC Parts(s) Amended 4 UTC, 20 UTC
Legislative History
  • Framer(s): Edward Stenbach
  • Cosponsor(s): Theodore Crown; Luke Cannon, Aaron Ehtya
  • Passed the Executive Branch by a vote of 9 to 0 (1 Executives abstaining/absent) on March 9, 2015
  • Tabled to the Administration by Speaker Luke Cannon on March 10, 2015
  • Passed by the Administration by a vote of 6 to 1 (1 Administrator(s) abstaining/absent) on March 14, 2015

The Union Academy Act was a law passed in March 2015 that created the Union Academy, a national academy to teach, inspire, and educate the Triumvirate. It renamed the Head of Education to the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy as the Head of Education would also serve as the administrator and dean of the Academy, which would come into full action come May 1, 2015. The Academy would offer classes and degrees to Triumvirate citizens pursuant to payment and the bill also included a loan program offered by the office of the Head of Education and Dean of the Academy.

The bill has particular relevance because Major Executive Edward Stenbach, the framer of the bill, stated he would not run for reelection in the event the bill passed. Speaker Luke Cannon, on discovering this, was the only Administrator to vote against the bill (though he did so symbolically as he was also a cosponsor of the bill) and stated,

"I cannot knowingly vote for a piece of legislation that will lead to Major Executive Stenbach's retirement. Though I respect his decision and I find it admirable, as he is the greatest Major Executive I have had the pleasure to act as the Speaker under, I cannot support a bill, no matter how amazing it will be, that means he would stop serving as Major Executive. Thank you, Major Executive Stenbach, for though we have had our differences, you have always been a compassionate, quiet, and thoughtful leader. It will be an honor to continue working with you in your next endeavor as Head of Education and Dean of the first Academy of the Universal Triumvirate."

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