Union Party
Union Party

Founded July 18, 2012
Demonym Unionite, Unioner
Economic Conservative
Governmental Conservative
Foreign Affairs Liberal
Influences Centrism, Elitism, Presidentialism, Mainenomics
Administrative Seats
0 / 8
Executive Seats
0 / 13

The Triumvirate Union Party was founded July 18, 2012, by Ehtya (Chief Ambassador, Founding Executive, and Minor Executive) and it stands to uphold what Zerouh intended for the Triumvirate and its people. It was the third political party formed in the Triumvirate and stands strong today, united for the cause of old-fashioned politics, decency, and strength through Zerouh's ideals.


The Union Party has always been one of the most restrained political parties since its founding in July of 2012 by Ehtya to balance out the hostilities between the Progressive Party and the Establishment Party by being a middle of the road party. Though the Union Party rarely sought political power, it consistently fell into it, more or less because there was no other option, in that Ehtya and Andrew Hester (both of the Union Party) were each Minor Executive for some time. When Ehtya stepped away from the Triumvirate in retirement in February of 2014, Aaron Ehtya took the helm of the party and embraced the party as a means to continue its pro-business, pro-moderation outlook. The Union Party was a prominent supporter of some of the Triumvirate's more successful including Nathan Maine, Luke Cannon, and Charles Sessions but continued its trend of being mostly just below the surface in terms of achieving political stature. The only figure in the early years of the party that sought power and stature was Jackson Mearl, who became Deputy Speaker in 2013-I and eventually became Chief Ambassador and the Chairman of the Joint Command Council when Ehtya retired. The Union Party's big advance for significant power was when Jackson Mearl ran for Major Executive in 2014-II but last in a heartbreaking election to Ryan Bleitze after a tie. Ryan Bleitze, from the Union Party's opposite at the time, the Authority Party, sought policies that would erase the power and stature of the Union Party and openly attacked it as being too "crony capitalist", "pro-business", and "elite." With Bleitze's resignation came a massive success for the Union Party and the Union Party has continued in its trend of achieving a political majority in its views without being "in charge".

Party PlatformEdit

Last Amended: June 2, 2014

  1. Market Economy: We bridge the gap between what the Establishment Party believes in terms of economics (that the government should be totally hands off) and what the Progressive Party believes (fairly significnt government interference in the market). We believe that private businesses and individuals are the ones who build our economy, not the government, so they should reserve their own rights without a government that is too hands on. We believe in a free market and in property rights and economic freedom.
  2. Business: We are the party of business, championing industry and innovation, and support policies that further business and international trade.
  3. Membership: The government should incentivize recruitment, providing decent-sized financial returns for those who bring in new and desperately needed members.
  4. Effective leadership: The construction of the Triumvirate's government is very unique, and it should be maintained like this. An elite Executive Branch along with a populist Administration maintain this balance.
  5. Defense: Protection of the people, the government, and the Triumvirate as a whole is a top priority. Security measures are something we should put funding and support into so that no matter what, we can persevere through the darkness and always remain at the top of our game.
  6. Size of Government: We favor a moderately small sized government, not so intrusive on individual or private rights, including in the economy. The primary duties of the government should be enforcement of law, providing courts, providing defense and security, engaging in foreign diplomacy, and recruitment.
  7. Culture: We believe in establishing a culture for ourselves and the Triumvirate provided that all other internal aspects of the Triumvirate have been meet, we fully support, for the time being, cultural incentives provided by the government.
  8. Presidential Major Executive: We support a powerful and central Major Executive like that of the Ogamon, Neil, or Maine Majorates. A Major Executive with strong authority and command, provided they are elected by an elite method, is in the best interests of the Union.
  9. Respectful Internationalism: We will do what we can to help those in need who are being oppressed, never ignoring them. We believe that the Triumvirate should do everything it can to preserve justice to the best of our ability while respecting the wishes of the citizens and their own views on whether or not we become involved in international conflicts. Diplomacy and foreign presence is a way to potentially bring in new recruits, acquire new allies and trade partners, and spread the word about our Union. We cannot solve every problem ourselves, we must look outward for the future.


§1: Nomination

An individual may receive the Union Party's nomination for a position (be in Administrator, Major/Minor Executive, Speaker, Deputy Speaker, or Senator) only if:
A) They are incumbent (this does not apply to Major/Minor Executive)
B) They desire to run for the position, no other reasonable member of the Union Party is running for the position, and the board of the Union Party approves by a majority in favor.
C) They desire to run for the position, other candidates from the Union Party desire it, and they win a Union Party primary for the position. See Section 1.1 on party primaries.
§1.1: Primary
§1.1.1: Administrative/Senatorial/Minor Executive Primary
If multiple candidates wish to be nominated by the Union Party for a position or seat in the Administration or for Senator, the board of the Union Party shall vote from amongst those candidates as to whom they wish to nominate. In the event of a tie, the chairman of the board shall decide from among those tied as to who the candidate shall be.
§1.1.2 Major Executive Executive Primary
If multiple candidates from the Union Party wish to be nominated by the Union Party for Major Executive (they would all have to already be Executives), they must declare so to the board by no later than the third day of the third month of the trimester in which they would run for election. If two-thirds of the board believes that a candidate should not be in the running, they shall be removed from those participating in the primary and shall not be nominated. By the fifth day of the third month, the chairman of the party must initiate the primary by speaking to all members of the party, announcing the candidates and process of the primary.
All members of the Union Party are permitted to vote in each primary vote, which will continue to occur on a schedule set by the chairman of the party until a single candidate achieves a majority (not a plurality) of all votes cast. A single candidate may be eliminated each vote, but should two candidates be equal in lesser votes, the one who is a newer addition to the party shall be the one eliminated. Once a single candidate achieves a majority of all votes cast in a primary, they shall become the nominee for the Union Party as to Major Executive.
The chairman should schedule adequate time for the candidates to each campaign and reasonable audience for debates and statements by candidates.

§2: Expulsion

A member of the Union Party (excluding members of the board) can be stripped of membership in the party if the board of the party, by a majority in favor, approves.

§3: Aesthetics

The official color of the Union Party shall be blue. The abbreviation shall be "U". The icon shall depict the flag of the Triumvirate (dyed blue) with a black "U" behind it.

Current MembersEdit

  • Atton Pearson

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