United Banking Corporation, more commonly know as United Bank, is a Banking Industry started by Lanclot Rice on 3/28/14. Revolving around the "United Industries & Manufacturing Conglomerate", it is the first unique banking installment the Triumvirate has seen. We operate around the Basic idea that banking should be made simple for the depositer.

We at United Bank want to make it known that through it all, we will take care of your finances like no other and look forward to your deposits. Thank you for your service, time, and effort to help support us as the United Industries most prominent Bank. 

Banking InformationEdit

Current interest rates for your Deposit is currently at 4% per every four months you invest, meaning whatever amount you deposit into the United Bank, you will get 4% of the amount deposited added onto your amount at the end of every four months. 

We get to use 80% of your deposits to pursue financial gains for the United Bank in order to have a surplus of money and assets available at any time should you wish to capitalize and withdraw. 

We will give you a special PIN Code for withdrawals of any amount of money larger than 75 Tri. The PIN will be sent to your email and will be completely and totally private to yourself. 


Name Date Registered Amount currently Deposited

Deposit InformationEdit

Please record your deposits on this page before you make any transaction, otherwise we are not responsible for any lost finances. Thank you!

Name Deposit # (Ex- 001) Amount before Deposit Amount After Deposit

Current Membership statusEdit

The United Banking Corporation will keep a membership status of any individual depositing finances. You can view your membership status below.

Name Date of Registration Account Number (Ex- 01) Date of Termination (if applicable)

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