United Trade Company
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IOF/Business Overview
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IOF Number 16
Founded February 6, 2014 by Lanclot Rice
Dissolved July 22, 2014
Industry Multiple
CEO Lanclot Rice
Employees Two
Market Overview
Ticker UTC

The United Trade Company is a Business in the Universal Triumvirate who offers products to the public ranging from newspapers to International Trade Firms. The UTC was founded on February 6th, 2014 by Lanclot Rice, the Head of Education in the Executive Branch. On the same day, KPC, headed by Spencer Kaye, decided to merge with the United Trade Company to form it into a Joint Stock Company, the first (and so far only) one in existence. Due to the nature of the Joint Stock Company, all profits will be separated as so:

  • 25% to Lanclot Rice
  • 75% to the United Trade Company foundations

In the future we will be doing a "Dream Foundation" to help the people to afford basic things like a Legal Certification from the Government to a issue of Triumvirate Today from General Media.

Contact us at: to make a purchase.

The United Trade Company is now public!

Recruitment ServicesEdit

The United Trade Company offers recruitment services as a private institution in order to help naturalization. Occasionally, we may recruit members without any orders and only to further the interests of the Universal Triumvirate. Our main stable of recruitment operates around orders from political coalitions and the government itself, which order specific prices and membership qualities for us to bring in.

Our prices:

  • 50 for regular citizens, no specific political preference, but will remain active for 6 months guaranteed.
  • 70 for citizens with specific qualities, political preferences, and job fillings. Active for 6 months guaranteed. 

International Trade (In progress)Edit

The United Trade Company, in order to promote our domestic economy and bring you services offered in foreign environments, will be investing time and resources in finding and establishing good relations with foreign institutions. We offer tax free, tariff free, trading process that will benefit both sides of the dealings.

Current trading interests:

  • Occidental Coalition (yet to contact).
  • Pania (yet to contact).
  • Kingdom of Eslarvia (yet to contact).


If you wish to order any of our products, list your name below and the product you wish to buy. Make sure to update the TDC:Transactions page with the amount due or we may not send your product on time!

Order form
Who are you? (Specify a name.) What are you buying? And, is it completed? How much are you paying?
Progressive Party 1 Recruit *Completed 3/28/14* 80
Establishment Party 2 Recruits (both Establishment, 1 potential Executive) *Completed on 3/19/14, day of order.* ∇120
Ehtya Trust 1 Recruit who will start a business *Partially completed as of 3/28/14* ∇10
Ehtya Trust 1 Recruit who will be Libertarian, 1 recruit who will start a business ∇60 + ∇60 from the government incentives (∇120 total to UTC)

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