The Universal Citizenship Charge (UCC) is a key item on Major Executive Charles Sessions' agenda for 2015-III and, since its announcement in State of the Union XVI, has been the main project of the Majorate.

The PlanEdit

This is what the UCC will look like (as of the present plan):

  1. Every citizen will pay an amount of tri, determinable by the government by law, every eight months.
  2. Your first eight months with the Triumvirate are protected and you'll not have to pay for eight months from the day you join, allowing you to get established, make money, and learn all about the Union in the interim.
  3. You'll be allowed to take out a loan from a friend, bank, or even potentially the government to pay the charge. There is no restriction on where you get the money, provided it's not illegal and you pay on time.
  4. If you do not pay on time, for up to two months in which you're not covered, you'll receive only limited citizenship services (inability to access the forum, get certifications, apply for certain programs or government jobs) and you’ll then need to pay fifteen tri to receive a full return.
    1. After those two months, your full citizenship will be revoked and you will have to reapply in an amount of time allowed by the government (no more than one year maximum).
  5. In the event of an extraordinary circumstance (such as a severe economic depression, war, or significant societal implications), the Executive Branch may waive the charge for all one period at a time. Why solely the Executive Branch? Because it separates the charge from politics and elections while allowing thoughtful consideration of the facts as best as possible.
  6. A minimum wage of 10 tri per trimester will be reestablished so that, in combination with the government employment guarantee, any citizen who wants to work has absolutely no chance of being unable to pay the UCC and making money on top of that.
  7. The restrictions on pay to political officials will be eliminated so that we can afford to pay government officials that were previously unpaid. All pay will hold standard and Executives will be paid, according to their office and performance, a minimum of 10 tri per trimester.
  8. If enacted this trimester, every current citizen naturalized in this trimester will have to pay 10 tri effective May 1, 2016, at which point. Anyone naturalized in 2016-I will pay effective September 1, 2016, and so on.
    1. Payments will occur according to the trimester naturalized in (if you join in 2016-III, you'll pay in 2017-II; if you join in 2018-I, you'll pay in 2018-III); etc.)


The following prominent Triumvirate members have publicly endorsed the UCC and will be supporting the plan:

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