The Universal Triumvirate Code (U.T.C.) is the compilation of all general and permanent public laws in the Universal Triumvirate. Adopted on May 1, 2014 when the Triumvirate converted from a system of raw law to codified private and public laws, the original edition of the Universal Triumvirate Code was written by Major Executive Nathan Maine, Speaker of the Administration Emeritus Andrew Mearl (whom Major Executive Maine awarded the Ogamon Emblem for that trimester), and Chief Justice Esteemi Evantsu. Chief Attorney Edward Stenbach, Senator Clark McDearny, Speaker-Elect Luke Cannon, and Maine's Chief of Staff Theodore crown. It is updated from time to time by the Department of the Archive, who utilizes the Universal Triumvirate Statutes at Large to update it.


The Universal Triumvirate Code contains 21 titles, each pertaining to a large category of law:

Title 1: General Provisions
Title 2: The Union
Title 3: The Government at Large
Title 4: The Executive Branch
Title 5: The Administrative Branch
Title 6: Judiciary
Title 7: Citizenship
Title 8: Jurisdiction
Title 9: Defense
Title 10: Foreign Affairs
Title 11: Money and Finances
Title 12: Commerce
Title 13: Contracts
Title 14: Banking
Title 15: Property Rights
Title 16: Crime
Title 17: Revenue
Title 18: Conservation
Title 19: Political Organizations and Campaigns
Title 20: Education
Title 21: Decorations

Full CodeEdit

The full Universal Triumvirate Code can be found here:

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