The Universal Triumvirate Statutes at Large is the official record of all laws and resolutions passed by the Triumvirate government. It is maintained and kept up-to-date by the Department of the Archive. It is used as the basis for the publishing of the newest versions of the Universal Triumvirate Code.


The Statutes at Large are organized chronologically, by trimester and each law/resolution passed within. Generally each edition of the Statutes at Large covers around three or four trimesters.

Statutes at LargeEdit

You can see all of the laws, resolutions, treaties, initiatives, etc. that have been passed via the Statutes at Large here:

  1. First Edition (2014-II - 2015-II): File:Universal Triumvirate Statutes at Large (First Edition).pdf
  2. Second Edition (2015-III - ): File:Universal Triumvirate Statutes at Large (Second Edition).pdf

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