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Welcome to the Universal Triumvirate Wiki,
The wiki devoted to the Universal Triumvirate that anyone can edit!
There are 750 articles and 15,480 edits since this wiki was created on June 11, 2011.
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Position Holder Party
Major Executive Lanclot Rice Progressive
Minor Executive None
Speaker of the Administration None
Underspeaker None


  Company   Share Value Market Cap.
GM(Info) Steady ∇6 ∇600
FNC(Info) Steady ∇4 ∇400
GD(Info) Steady ∇3 ∇300
PP(Info) Increase ∇10 ∇1,000
II(Info) Steady ∇4 ∇800
B-Series: 4.167% (6mo) Bank Rate: 3% (1yr)
TDN-Series: 6.383% (8mo) Private Bond Ratings

         Market News  .   (update)

Economic Indicators for 2015-II

Economic indicators for the 2015-II trimester have been released on the Economic Indicators page. GDP rose by 7.43% up to ∇1,185 and velocity of money went up ever so slightly. In the brightest news, average membership shot up by over five members to its highest average ever (of 36.65 members). Government spending as a percent of GDP increased significantly and, as a result of the increase in members, GDP per capita fell slightly, but healthy growth occurred in membership and in production.

Economic Indicators for 2015-I

Courtesy of the Office of the Major Executive, economic indicators for 2015-I are being released on the Economic Indicators page. GDP rose by 37.7% in 2015-I (up to ∇1,103), ending the recession of 2014-III, velocity is up, and money supply is up. Membership data will be released as that information is finalized this weekend.

Naturalization Contingency Act Passed

The Naturalization Contingency Act became law on March 9th, allowing the Department of Naturalization to issue debts in order to cover expenses in a situation where the central government cannot afford to allocate funds to them. It also guarantees the Department's ability to stay active and operational during a government shutdown provided it can continue to fund itself. A debt limit of ∇500 is authorized to the Department.

Quote of the Week
"With the new day comes new strengths and new thoughts"
                                                       -Eleanor Roosevelt

Quick Information and News

Message of the Week: Today, on the anniversary of the birth of the Triumvirate, we are reborn for one final time. Let it be known that if the Triumvirate expires this one final time, it shall be gone forever and her graces left for time to judge. It is now that we, the remnants of the Triumvirate, return to build her to her former glory.

And, for the final time, we begin. Lanclot Rice, 9th Major Executive Talk 21:48, September 15, 2017 (UTC)

Executive Branch Status:     In Session    

Administrative Branch Status:     In Session    


The Universal Triumvirate is a political Union designed for the study, progression, and utility of government. The Triumvirate, originally formed by the idealist and philosopher Zerouh on September 15th, 2009, has since served as a political system building communities and relationships with others like it and striving under the basis of the three founding ideals: Justice, Order, and Intelligence.

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  • The Wiki has reached 600 pages with the creation of the Court of Appeals page! 4.10.15
  • The Wiki has reached 500 pages with the creation of the Campaign:Stenbach-Sessions 2014 page! 7.6.14
  • The Wiki has reached 400 pages with the creation of the Desolaran Civil War page! 1.20.14
  • The Wiki has reached 300 pages with the creation of the Oath of Office page! 12.23.12
  • The Wiki has reached 200 pages with the creation of the Law:Political Coalition Code page! 6.26.12


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