Universal Triumvirate v. Ascencia



Case File

Seal of the Judicial Branch
Supreme Court: 6/28/12 - 7/19/12
Full Case Name Universal Triumvirate v. Ascencia
Type Criminal
Court Membership
Chief Justice
Esteemi Evantsu
Associate Justices
Theodore Crown, Hik10er
Not guilty on most, settled on outstanding charges

Case FactsEdit

On June 4, 2012, new Major Executive Stavrok came to the Executive Branch requesting a file known as TDI file #8. He stated that this file was missing and that the confidential files listing went ...TDI #6, TDI#7, TDI #9... with no #8 present at all. He questioned Head of Intelligence Ascencia on this to which Ascencia responded that this was a simple mistake. However, Arnold Ogamon came in saying that this sounded familiar, referring to a previous discussion he had had with Ascencia over TDI file #18 many months before (note: the intelligence files were reorganized in May of 2012 after the Major Executive election in order to put more information in each file and simplify the data). Arnold divulged to the Executive Branch that when he was Major Executive he noticed something similar (TDI file #18 was missing) and that he had discussed it privately with Ascencia who gave him the same answer: that it was a mistake. Arnold and Stavrok both stated that there is no way it was coincidence that Ascencia made a mistake on two files and that Ascencia must have been intentionally removing and concealing this information. Ascencia continued to stress that this was a mistake on his part and the discussion elevated with Ascencia making threats against both Stavrok and Arnold Ogamon.

On June 5 Arnold Ogamon arrested Ascencia on the charges of

  1. Withholding information from the Major Executive and others with access to information on several counts
  2. Removing information from official intelligence reports
  3. Lying to the Executive Branch
  4. Making threats against Executives and the Executive Branch (this charge was added a day later)

Case ProceedingsEdit

Ascencia hired Ermier, the owner of First Nation Consulting to defend him in court after he got news that the Supreme Court was ready to hear his case. He had to take out a loan from Corporate Corporation in order to pay for attorney services from First Nation Consulting. Chief Attorney Arnold Ogamon lead the prosecution against Ascencia personally.

Ascencia refused to answer any pretrial questions or make any pretrial pleas.

Each side proceeded to compile a witness list at that point. The prosecution was approved for Stavrok, Ehtya, and Andrew Hester as witnesses and the defense was allowed Reliaha, Ehtya, and Ascencia himself as witnesses. The only piece of evidence submitted was the complete archive of the discussion that prompted this case, not all of which would necessarily be revealed as only a few parts were relevant. At that point the parties released their records to each other and on June 27, 2012, both parties sent their indication to the court that they were ready to begin.

Chief Justice Esteemi called the trial to session on June 28 and after the associate Justices, Hik10er and Theodore Crown, confirmed that they were ready, the prosecution was asked to present their opening statement.

After hearing arguments from the prosecution the defense made a motion to ask the court to require a finding of not guilty for Ascencia. The court affirmed this on most charges except the threat making which Ermier managed to convince was barely worth prosecuting at all. The Justices asked if the two would settle out of court and Ogamon and Ermier discussed terms and finally agreed.

The agreement consisted of two points. The first was that the government would pay 30 tri and the second was that they would drop all charges against Ascencia including the threat charge. The discussion between them concluded on the 19 of July and the case and its proceedings was closed.

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